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Resurrection by Tim Marquitz
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Jun 07, 2011

really liked it
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I may have mentioned I'm a huge fan of Tim Marquitz. Ever since I read his amazingly hilarious Armageddon Bound, it's been my goal to get more people to read his work by any means possible. Yup, nothing is too far when it comes to Frank Trigg.

When Tim sent me a copy of the sequel to one of my favorite books of 2009, I was overjoyed. You may then ask yourself why it took me this long to finally read it. I can promise that it's not for lack of quality, only for lack of time.

Demon Squad: Resurrection, Book 2 in the Demon Squad series, follows almost directly after Armageddon Bound. Frank Trigg "don't call him Triggaltheron" finds himself in the middle of yet another end of the world disaster. I guess that's what you have to expect when you're the nephew of Lucifer, also once slated to be the next Antichrist.

"Armageddon averted, the world returns to business as usual. Unfortunately for Frank "Triggaltheron" Trigg, business as usual sucks. His night out interrupted by a horde of kidnapping zombies, what could possibly be worse? The resurrection of the Anti-Christ, that's what. Caught in the middle of a supernatural pissing match between the Devil's wife, a legion of undead, and an overachieving necromancer, Frank must survive long enough to stop Hell from being unleashed upon humanity; Again."

Still working with DRAC (Demon Resistance and Containment), an organization of wizards, psychics, and telepaths, Trigg is a witness to a zombie massacre at his favorite seedy nightclub, well, it works for him at least. These zombies seem to be popping up all over the place as favors are called in and Frank must do what he can to stay alive.

Frank Trigg is still as hilarious as ever in this sequel and that's one of the main reasons that will always have me coming back to this series over and over again. His observations have me dying laughing, even out loud sometimes and only Kurt Vonnegut has ever made me do that before. There did seem to be an overabundance of pants tightening in this one though, but I guess that's just how Frank rolls.

Going right along with the humor, Tim Marquitz bashes you over the head with awesomeness through his action scenes. I end up reeling by the end and I'm just a casual reader, come on man, give me a break. But seriously, Resurrection is action-packed and tons of fun.

Inevitably, I end up comparing this series to the Dresden Files and it really does make sense. Both are first person, both have a down-on-his-luck protagonist who's always the worse for wear in pretty much any situation and both tend to be humorous. But, for my money, the Demon Squad series beats the Dresden Files any day.

Let me also just say that the way things ended up had me very happy especially with the possibilities to come. The sequels cannot be available quick enough.

Why Read Demon Squad: Resurrection?

I was extremely happy to find out that Resurrection continues the high standard set forth in Armageddon Bound. The Demon Squad series is full of action, full of hilarity, and mostly full of heart...well, bloody ones pumping out their last ounce.

If you like fun, laughs, and any type of happiness, and don't mind some irreverance along the way, you should really give this series a go. Highly recommended!

4 out of 5 Stars

My initial thoughts upon finishing:

Some spoilerish things I want to address before I forget...

(view spoiler)

I'm really looking forward to the next one, it looks like it's gonna be a doozy.
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Bastard Really looking forward to this one, but I'm still waiting for the paperback version.

Tyson I have this one as well and his latest. I think DS2 is number 2 or 3 on the read pile. Getting close.

seak I just wish I had more time. I'm dying to get to it, but I've been so busy. I really thought a summer internship would be less work than school, but it's not really turning out that way. :)

Tyson I start a new job at the first of the month I will be working 16hr days so my reading time will be few and far between. Doing my best to get my ARCs out of the way before that happens.

seak Wow, good luck with that. Maybe I can finally catch up to you...or at least not be as jealous at how many books you can get through. :D What will you be doing?

Tyson I am working for a corporation teaching English to CEOs and high end government officials. Highest paid job in Korea for foreigners. Big pay, lots of hours.

It will be a social killer but the money is outstanding.

Thanks I will need all the luck I can get.

seak Wow, congrats! You definitely deserve it, that sounds like a really fun job.

Tyson Not sure if fun is the right word. But lucrative is. Take care, glad to hear you are and the family are doing well even if your reading time is taking a hit.

Bastard Well I'm waiting for a B&N Gift Card to arrive so I can order this.

Mihir I'm looking forward to your review Bryce, I want to see how you find it especially with its ending.

message 11: by Stephen (new) - added it

Stephen Never heard of this before. Looks like I'm off to Amazon.

message 12: by seak (new) - rated it 4 stars

seak It's a great series so far (two books) and it's hilarious as well. Had me pulling out my Iron Maiden for my travels this weekend even.

Mihir Wait till you get to "At The Gates" (book 3) Bryce. What were your thoughts on the sequel?

message 14: by seak (new) - rated it 4 stars

seak The sequel was just great. Same sense of humor, which really makes everything that much better, same awesome action-packed scenes, and same great characters.

Tim really knows how to draw up an action scene. If I can say anything I can say that, oh, and that the dude's hilarious.

Some possible spoilerage:

I really like how these big players keep popping up and I'm really waiting for the real big dogs to pop in. If they don't it's fine, but if they do, things will really go to hell. Pun intended.

I'm a huge fan of how Trigg ends up, sidekick, magic, and all. I'm also glad we haven't seen it yet either. The next, At the Gates, will blow my mind, I already know it.

message 15: by Mihir (last edited Sep 05, 2011 06:46PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mihir Yeah ATG has some real good action sequences plus with the scenes shifting to Scarlett's backyard, things just get even more intense. And the best part is that its written and on way to be published in December.

Bastard Seak, did the banana hammock thing btw, now that I got your attention here.

And yeah, Resurrection just awesome. Book 4 seems like the one to really wait for by what I'm hearing.

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