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Frost by Marianna Baer
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Jun 06, 2011

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Read in October, 2011

Surprisingly engrossing, with some nicely creepy moments. Review to come.
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message 1: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina Nice cover.

Wendy Darling It's pretty appropriate for the story, too!

message 3: by Izzy (new) - added it

Izzy Seeing is it's in your 2011 favourites it's definitely going on my to-read list!

Wendy Darling It's funny, because I don't think everyone will like this, Izzy--it's one of those books that I think will frustrate a lot of people. But it's very well-written and I'm prone to be creeped out by the power of suggestion, so I liked this one a lot.

message 5: by Izzy (new) - added it

Izzy Hmm, well I'll give it a go anyway, but I did notice that you really enjoyed ultraviolet and me, well, not so much.. ;)

message 6: by Meghan (new)

Meghan you always make me want to pick up these creepy novels... maybe I just need a good Halloween read to get it out of my system!

Wendy Darling Ah yes, the Ultraviolet divide! That's a pretty polarizing book, it seems, Izzy. I think this one might elicit similar reactions, too. I think some of it may depend on what you expect from the story.

I've been reading tons of horror books lately, Meg...it's just that Halloweeny time of year. :D I've definitely liked other creepy books this year better (Anna Dressed in Blood being my favorite), but this one still worked for me.

Crowinator Was there a payoff at the end? I started to get bored with this one right after the friends get in trouble and put it on hiatus. Normally I like the slow build of creepy terror (and creepy closets!).

message 9: by Marta (new) - added it

Marta Acosta But the premise sounds so interesting and I like ambiguity in a story so long as it serves a purpose. I've added it to my to-reads. I'll be interested in your review.

Wendy Darling Well...what kind of a payoff were you looking for, Crow? There is definitely a climax and I was fine with how the story ended, though it was perhaps not as unusual a story as you might have hoped for. (Hence the more middling rating, though I did like it.)

If you like the idea of this, Marta, you might also consider checking out Marcus Sedgwick's White Crow. It is very ambiguous and even creepier than this one, as well as being extraordinarily well-written. I haven't written my review for that one yet, either!

message 11: by Marta (new) - added it

Marta Acosta Hi, Wendy, thanks for the suggestion. Some stories make me too tense, although I've just received a copy of Harbor by John Ajvide Lindqvist. I'll see if I can brave it through.

Wendy Darling You're welcome, Marta! I'm a new fan of that author, so I hope you enjoy it. I still have yet to read Let the Right One In (though I've seen both films), but I will get to it one of these days.

Crowinator Good question, Wendy. I'm not sure what I mean, either. I guess I wondered if the slow build eventually resulted in something exciting and/or scary. It seems like it's shooting for ambiguity. I know I'll get around to finishing this one eventually.

Wendy Darling There's not really any doubt about what was going on in the end, Crowinator--and I actually am one of those people who might've rated it more highly if it were a bit more ambiguous, hah! Look forward to seeing what you think when you getting around to finishing it.

Wendy Darling It's a 3.5 for me, Cillian. I think you might like it, but it's not anything you absolutely have to read. White Crow is similarly a pretty simple story, but it's even better, IMO, since it scared the bejesus out of me.

Wendy Darling Oh good, then yes, I think you'll like this. A number of people had that "it doesn't give me all the answers" problem, but I know you sensibly understand that ghosts and other supernatural beings don't always behave in ways that we understand. :D

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