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Thorn Queen by Richelle Mead
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Jun 06, 2011

it was amazing
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Thorn Queen was, as expected, a fully engaging read. It was so full of action, so engaging you never wanted to put it down. But I can't say it was fully enjoyable. People who've read the book would probably know what I'm referring to.

(view spoiler)

In Thorn Queen, Eugenie is .. for lack of better phrasing and words.. the Thorn Queen. One part I really disliked though, is how she oh, hated every minute of it; putting on gentry clothing was such a chore; she couldn't even spend a night there when it was she who created that land, causing her subjects to suffer. I mean, yes, I get you're not power-hungry (unlike me :P) and you're not excited to be a queen-at all, but you ARE a queen now, so please just act like it, and stop pushing everything to your regent! It was disappointing how all she wanted to do with Kiyo was make love and all. I expected more from her as a queen.. But I guess at the ending of the book, things have changed, especially with Eugenie finally realising she is a QUEEN. (She kinda needed a crown for confirmation, I suppose). That helped mollify me a little, when she finally accepted that, and it was obvious she would do a great job in Iron Crowned. =)

Oh, and about the plot development. All I can say is Richelle Mead spares no one. In the Succubus Blues series, (view spoiler). And here, well, she doesn't show mercy. And I don't mean just the part when (view spoiler), I mean the part about (view spoiler) and (view spoiler) were doing. That was so heartbreaking, but I guess it was necessary to move things forward.

All in all, (crap, I keep typing Iron Queen!!!) Thorn Queen was a FANTASTIC book and I'm sure glad I bought it. I am SO looking forward to getting my hands on Iron Crowned though I'm not sure if I should because

1) I'll stop doing any resemblance of work, and

I hate to join the "OH NO, IT'S NEXT YEAR. COME OUT NOW" group. That's always painful; I sympathise. T_T

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