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The Roar by Emma Clayton
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Jun 05, 2011

it was amazing
Read in June, 2011

The Roar is a very good book that makes you keep on reading it. The book starts with a young girl named Ellie who was taken away from her family by a very old man named Mal Gorman. She tries to desperately escape from Mal Gorman to return to her family, but she fails. Ellie was also believed to be dead by all everybody except her twin brother, Mika. Mika kept sobbing because Ellie was no longer seen even though he knew she was alive. A kind, old lady named Helen helped Mika discuss about his problems to help him feel better. However, one day at school, a nurse who worked for Mal Gorman introduced a new "healthy" drink called Fit Mix for every single student to drink, and a new arcade game called the Pod Fighter was released. However, Helen knowing about the Fit Mix and the arcade well, told Mika to play the arcade game and revealed the first step for him to search for his lost, loved sister.

I had some likes and dislikes about some characters in this book. For example, I liked Mika very much because he was a strong person who never gave up his hope in finding his sister. I also liked Mal Gorman because he was sometimes funny in the book, and his words made me laugh. However, I disliked his personality and actions towards Ellie because it made me feel sorry for her. Another character that I disliked was Ruben because of his hateful personality and actions towards all the characters in the book which made me hate him a lot.

I liked it how the story was progressing smoothly and had some twists in the plot that could've changed the story a lot and short if they weren't there. The story revealed some secrets and interesting event occasionally which made me want to read it more. It also jumped back to Ellie's point of view of the story sometimes in order to tell us what is happening while Mika is doing this and that. I also couldn't find anything that I didn't like about the story because it was far more interesting than the most of the books that I have read.

The writer's style of this book was very simple and easy to comprehend which made me like this book very much. However, the way how the writer wrote the beginning of this book confused me because I didn't know what was going on, and the story was going a little too fast without any introductions in the beginning. This book didn't have any parts that were too far detailed that made me bored or too simple details that confused me which are the reasons why this book was very easy to read and enjoy.

I would recommend this book to anybody who would enjoy a good plot with very detailed parts that have a lot of actions at the same time. This book is also probably for those who likes arcades and mechanical, flying pods. Even though some people might not enjoy this book as much as I do, I would still recommend everybody to try reading this book. This book is just absolutely fabulous and amazing.

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