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The Road to Vengeance by Judson Roberts
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Jun 05, 2011

really liked it

Excellent historical fiction with a solid base on what life was like for most people during the time of Viking invasions (before 1000 AD). Lots of action, violence and bloodshed, so if that's not your favorite fare, this may not be for you. For those mature readers (I recommend for 8th grade and up) who can handle that, this is well written with phenomenal character development. Be ready -- Roberts has no problem killing off characters you've come to like.
Book 3: Road to Vengeance -- Halfdan has a prisoner to ransom back to the Franks: Genevieve, the daughter of a high-ranking aristocrat. Her story and Halfdan's connect even after he successfully ransoms her back to her family for a small fortune (with the help of Jarl Hastein). The Vikings sack Paris and await a bribe from the Frankish king to leave the country, and Halfdan bides his time waiting for his opportunity to go up against one of the men from his foster brother's crew who murdered Harald. More amazing battle scenes and subtle political maneuvers between kings, jarls and warriors.

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