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Frindle by Andrew Clements
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when i was 9, we had to move halfway around the globe, and this was one of the maybe three books that i still owned. naturally, i ended up reading it only about a gazillion times.

this book is about nick. nick was the kind of kid i wanted to be (note: i say this in the past tense)
my 9-year-old self would have proclaimed him, in lesser words, the chillest smartass with nerf guns to ever exist. (i’ve grown to realize i hate his kind now.) i looked upon him with a strange mixture of jealousy and admiration.
in a moment of epiphany, he decided he wanted to call a pen a ‘frindle’ instead of ‘pen.’ why? to annoy his english teacher, of course.

enter mrs.granger aka danger granger, the teacher.
here’s a few random facts i remember about her:
1) she could spot you chewing gum from 50 feet away (distance may be subject to inaccuracy- but you get the idea.)
2)she owned a giant mother of a dictionary that took two kids to carry.
3)her eyes were out of a stephen king novel. no, seriously. x-ray vision was casually mentioned at least thrice.

nick manages to infuse chaos with the concept of frindle, and it becomes a world-wide revolution. granger’s powers cannot do anything to stop the frindle wave. instant and overwhelming fame makes nick draw back into his own shell. granger notices this, and she gives him a fun little pep talk and a mysterious post-dated envelope.
an adult metamorphosis late, nick finds out granger was actually helping him. turns out, she was actually proud of nick and only pretending to work against him because “every story needs a villain.” he proceeds to send her a million bucks, and there’s that. all in a very happy and inspiring manner, obviously.

an embarrassingly large chunk of my childhood was influenced by this story: lame attempts at trying to come up with a revolutionary concept like frindle followed. i still don’t know how i managed to make any friends that year.

however, i did end up antagonizing my English teacher, who was the dearest 60-year-old thing in the world (quite the badass, though- she became a certified scuba diver that year and had travelled to 5 continents. those two events were not related.) or so i think- i was probably just the shy, awkward girl mumbling at the back of the class.

the rating is just a pretense- how can you rate something that is a part of your life? it’s practically like rating a toothbrush, except i have a more intimate connection this book (leave it to me to come up with the most irrelevant and uncomfortable analogy ever.)

it’s no ‘alice in wonderland,’ but i suppose this book does have the potential to inspire creativity in a lotta little kiddos. also, nick is just the kewlest dude eva. frindle for lyf.
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