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Deadline by Mira Grant
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Jun 04, 2011

really liked it
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Recommended to Jo by: Catie

This review is relatively spoiler free.. but if you don't want to know ANYTHING about this or Feed... look away now.

Initial Thoughts.
WHAT IS WITH THE ENDINGS OF MIRA GRANT’S BOOKS? And, what was that? We have to wait for months until the next book comes out?! COME ON.

High points.
Shaun. (S)He’s hearing voices. Less of the technical jargon for simpletons like me. More zombie action. Things are rotten in the state of… um, America. Underground scientists. The Academy Award for Best Supporting Cast goes to…

Low points.
I have one major low point…. But I can’t tell you what it is because it will spoil everything. I’m such an advocate for not spoiling books and films because finding out what happens at the end of something you’ve wanted to read/watch really is the second worst thing that can happen (first is when someone pokes you in the side when you’re mid-stretch.) I believe it should be Forbidden.

Shaun is just as HOT as he was in the first book, but now he’s narrator we get to see a lot more of him and the depths that Grant adds to his character just makes me love him even more. Even though I was sort of won over by George as narrator in the final few chapters of Feed, I thought Shaun was a better narrator and injected a bit more character into the series. I just really loved how Grant created a completely other side to Shaun in this book. I want to say soooo much more but I won’t.

Supporting Cast.
YES. The minor characters in Feed take a step forward in Deadline and become much more prominent and I loved it. They all added so much to the story and the feel of the book and I think they all had great chemistry with each other. Loved this aspect of the book because I think it kind of opened the world up a bit so we could learn a bit more how the Rising affected other people. Also… I have to mention Mahir, the bumbling, long-suffering English gent who loves tea and whose complaints about the things that he has to do go ignored. Pfft, Americans and their stereotypes. *snorts into her cup of tea while complaining about the weather and reading ridiculous tabloid stories about Kate Middleton’s fashion sense*

*zips mouth*

Theme Tune.

Zombie- The Cranberries.

OK, we get it…there are zombies in this book and this is perhaps the most obvious song and also… the troubles in Ireland have NOTHING to do with this book.
BUT- I chose this song for three reasons.
1)OK, it’s called Zombie.
2) If you’ve read this book you will know the chorus is particularly important. Sob.
3) The soothing vocal chords of Dolores O’Riordan will help you get through the emotional anguish this book puts you through.

Angst Scale.
16/10. That’s right. THIS BOOK DEFIES THE RULES OF MATHEMATICS. But as to why… *locks mouth and throws away key*

Recommended For.
People who have read Feed. Basically. And also people who thought anyone who was shocked at the ending of Feed was for sissies. TRY THIS ONE ON FOR SIZE.

I literally can’t believe we have to wait a year…. A WHOLE YEAR… for the next book to come out. Why? WHY DO YOU HATE US, MIRA GRANT?


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June 5, 2011 –
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60.0% "Oh Shaun, honey. You have to start working on your pillow talk. It's a little creepy..."
June 5, 2011 –
67.0% "Manchester has been infected? Pfft.. I could've told you that!"
June 6, 2011 –
100.0% "Oh... I.. WHAT? Normally I am so good at guessing endings (I'm the person in the cinema who shouts 'I KNEW IT' at the end of most films... I go to the cinema alone alot)... but... that... I can't even begin to process that. That sample chapter for the next book is cruel. Ms Grant, you are RUTHLESS."
June 6, 2011 – Finished Reading

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Catie Haha, glad you liked these Jo. I don't have any fluffy recommendations, really...been in a dark mood lately.

Oh, wait...Into the Wild Nerd Yonder was good. Have you read that one yet?

Wendy Darling I'm responding to your comments on my profile here since it'll stick around longer, I think. I can't believe how long we have to wait for the next one, either! It's torturous.

I love love love your status updates for this book, by the way. And I love this book. I hope more people will find it and read it.

Wendy Darling I unliked and liked this review again on principle. LOVE, hah! Especially


Clever little thing you did there with the low points, btw. ;)

Catie YAY!!!!

Your reviews are so awesome...they deserve to be in two locations :P

I seriously thought about choosing Zombie for one of these books too, LOL!

message 5: by Jo (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jo Haha, thanks guys! :-D
It was the first song that came into my head but I thought 'Noo, it's too obvious' but then after I read Deadline... it was like Mira Grant WANTED me to choose it!

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Wendy was right as usual. This review is amazing! And I think Zombie is an excellent choice! You say it's obvious, but I'd never have thought of it.

Tony Se is also writing under her real name of Seanan McGuire. I am in love with her Urban fantasy "October Daye" series, and its a toss up between which I like better.

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