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Fragile by Shiloh Walker
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Jun 04, 2011

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Thank Tiffany that I read Book #2 first because it was stellar and if I had read this one first...I would have missed the brilliance because based on this book, I wouldn't have read the second book.

I get Quinn. I don't get Luke. And nothing in this story helped me see him as anything other than a guy who spent far too much time feeling guilty and responsible for sh*t that wasn't his fault. Give it a rest already.

Then there was the whole weird Devon tragedy...or should I say tragedies. How can so much bad sh*t happen to one little lady? Holy Hell batman. Yeah, she was strong and a fighter and whatnot, but enough is enough.

Best moment of the book, knowing, just knowing that Quinn would show up and save the day (a moment that NEVER would have happened if I hadn't read book #2 fact, it would have been an anti-moment because Luke had the audacity to suspect his twin of being the culprit, of all things - no matter how they hashed it out after the fact).

Having read the 2nd book, I also knew "who did it", though I didn't know why (and in retrospect, I'm not even sure why the "who dun it" was even mentioned in book #2 since it had no bearing whatsoever on that story line). It threw me off in the middle, but I think I would have been totally annoyed if I hadn't already known who did it because it was an unsolvable issue really. The trail in the book lead much more compellingly to Quinn than the actual perpetrator. But I knew better.

I did get to finally read Quinn's whole bad op gone wrong story though, something that actually did have a bearing on book #2s story line, but wasn't included in book #2. For that, I may end up buying this book as well.

But I will not find myself reading it as often as Broken. This book, while not terribly written, was a disappointment...or maybe it just lived down to my expectations.

Ah well, can't have it all.

There is another tale mentioned in this book about Luke and Quinn with another lady for 3 or 4 days or something, living out their fantasies with her...where's THAT story? Cuz honestly I can't really see it. Quinn just doesn't seem the type, but I'd be willing to try it. And the way it was mentioned in this book makes me think it's a short story out there or something. Gotta find me some more Quinn!

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06/10/2011 page 127
36.0% "And as I suspected, I don't like this one as much as the second book. I just don't find Luke all that interesting. Devon's story is devastating, but it was also ruined because there is a spoiler in the second book (which I now don't really understand, it had no bearing on the 2nd book's story, but...there it is)."

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Tiffanny I loved these two books!! I've read them several times, lol

Kerste Tiffanny wrote: "I loved these two books!! I've read them several times, lol"

Started this last night. I've only just begun and already there were tears in my eyes as I was reading this morning. Sad. I hope it explains why Luke thinks he's f*cked up. I mean, yeah, I know, he was abandoned by his mother, sucks. But at 11, he finds out she was a complete piece of work and he's the lucky one, so...what's his problem? Can't wait to find out.

Tiffanny I agree, Broken is by far my favorite of the two! I'm just glad you enjoyed one of them =)

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