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Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist
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Jun 04, 2011

it was amazing

June 22
I finally finished 6-19-11, any by far much better than either version of the movie! Some scenes worked slightly better from the visuals, but Virginia, Hakan and Eli's actions and growth were amazing.

Interesting how Staffan knows the Hebrew numbers. For all we DON'T know about him, I wonder if the author is alluding to his race? Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Daleth...Lamed, Mem, Nun, Samesh...Koff, Resh, Shin, Taff.

Let go. I have to let go.
Here, common, theme, without a doubt, though not what you're thinking.

Transformations, decisions and events for all major and minor characters intensify beautifully!

409-10 Lacke lay in the bed next to her, snarling, chewing in his sleep. She was ready...But her hands were bound and she couldn't....

Virginia snapped, as loud as she dared:

438-the entire page
...Oskar crept closer without consciously thinking about it. Little by little he saw more of the bathroom, and when he was almost level with the bathtub itself he saw what was happening.

The body at the body of the bathtub looked completely defenseless. It wasn’t breathing. He had put his hand on its chest and registered the fact that its heart was beating but only with a few beats a minute…

Like seeing someone you love wasting away with cancer, and then being shown a cancer cell through a microscope. Nothing. That? That did this? That little thing?

June 16 page 330

by John Ajvide Lindqvist

39—“He ought to buy one.”

A cross, that is.

53—Morgan glanced at the man… “No..What’s the use? His wife left him, the cat is dead and life is hell. I already know it all already.”
“Maybe he’ll offer to buy us a round.”
“That’s a different story. Then he’s allowed to have cancer as well.” Morgan shrugged. “It’s OK by me.”

Never funny to joke about certain things, but you gotta love the irreverence and the callousness of this gang of drunks curious about mooching drinks from the “new guy in town”.

69-70—She stepped closer to him. Her breath wafted onto his face and the city of light in her eyes was extinguished when she stepped into his shadow. Her pupils were two marble-sized holes in her head.”

71—He twisted a section one rotation, broke up the unity. Then he turned it back. Wanted to keep it like this. At least for a while. This foreshadows the discord and chaos to follow, all while Oskar and Eli discover their “whole new worlds” and several other groups of characters fall victim in one way or another.

104—It was all connected. What he would tell her depended on what he was to her. Eli was new to him and therefore he had the opportunity to be someone else, say something different from what he said to other people.

People ask me how I’m able to travel so readily. I love re-inventing myself, challenging what I was and becoming—adapting myself to what is new. It’s exciting. It’s all part of my growth and my salvation. A bit dramatic, but hell, I’m in a high school proctoring US History so I suppose their sense of hyperbole is contagious.

156-59— Eli’s TRIP begins here and then JUMPs to bottom of 162 just to the top of the 163 – awesome!

162-3—This isn’t happening – …disappearing into a dark red whirlpool.

220—He tripped on the landing, fell, and hit his elbow hard. The arm filled with heat and became sort of paralyzed. He got up and stumbled down the stairs. He was rushing to help save a life. His own.

241— Seek and thou shall find, sure. But then you probably also had to know exactly what you were looking for.

245—She had slept for a few hours, woken up when it got dark. Her hunger had then changed in nature, been transformed into anxiety. A school of hysterically wiggling little fish now filled her circulatory system. .She walked around…scratched her body, took a shower…Nothing helped.

I love Virginia perhaps the best. Her transformation, well described and frightening, though Hakan’s dramatic blunders are perhaps a bit better.

257-301—I know this doesn’t exactly narrow shit down, but there’s so much happening to my two favorite characters, Hakan and Virginia; their survival tactics and with all these other happenings in between. Actually, this

285-88 Eli and Hakan—so awesome!

306— Ridiculous. The Specialty store for vampire lamps.

309—No, Lacke took no pleasure in that kind of thing. Just thought it was creepy how people got all worked up about someone getting their “just deserts” and all that. He himself was absolutely anti-death penalty.

323—A little light always gets in.

May 31
After learning the movie, "Let Me In" was a remake, and a fine one at that, of the Swedish version...AND it'd come from a novel, I put it on hold at the Bronx Library.

Having been by my bed for three weeks, I'll finally had a chance to crack it open and see what bleeds?

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