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The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
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Jun 03, 2011

did not like it
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Before reading "The God Delusion" I figured most of the one and two star reviews would be from Christians. I figured that intelligent, open minded individuals would be willing to expose themselves to a new belief system and sink their teeth into a well written book.

I am not a religious person. I was raised catholic but for the last ten years have held what he would view as PAP agnosticism (permanent agnosticism in principle) colored by pantheism. HIs book pays very little attention to agnosticism and he dismisses the entire belief system in about 2 pages, calling it wishy washy or at best, sexed up atheism.

The thing is, you cannot dismiss an entire belief system in a couple paragraphs, no matter how delusional you think the person might be. He might provide ample evidence to refute organized religions, but his main argument against agnosticism is that agnostics either don't want to make the full leap to atheism because they're trying to cling to something that isn't there. If he'd made more of an effort to refute it, it would have been more satisfying than his abrupt dismissal before moving on to other subjects. Additionally, he never even touches upon Eastern religions, but focusses primarily on Christianity and Islam.

I was never one to defend religious beliefs. Having never held strong beliefs one way or another, how can I criticize those who do? Just because I can be a good, happy person without a belief in god doesn't mean that other people do not need such a belief to live happy, fulfilling lives. Who is Dawkins to encroach upon their personal happiness and fulfillment with his gospel of militant atheism-- a gospel whose main arguments hinge upon intellectual superiority and humiliation.

Dawkins says he does not preach in this book, but I beg to differ. He presents the facts in a well organized way, but there is absolutely a tone of condescension in what amounts to nothing more than a long winded, masturbatory account of his personal beliefs.

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12.0% "I figured all the people who hated this book were fundamentalist Christians who couldn't listen to an Athiest. But Dawkins is just as preachy about the merits of Athiesm as they are."

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