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Aquarius by Kim Faulks
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Aug 21, 2016

it was amazing
Read on August 22, 2016

I failed her. 5 BLUE ZODIACS

This wolf saved me and I’d failed her. I was supposed to be the Guardian. I was supposed to be the protector. We once had purpose; we once had a reason to live. HOLY ZODIAC DRAGONS! WHAT AN ABSO-AQUARIUS-LUTELY PHENOMENAL BOOK!! Right from the start I was completely immersed in the story, enthralled, held tightly, but carefully, in its claws straight through to The End! I was so excited when I found out this book was going to focus on Odessa because for whatever reason, she captured my attention & piqued my curiosity! But by the time I was on about page 2 or 3 of her first chapter, she had my heart, my sympathy, my admiration, my pride even, and my love! And all of that strengthened throughout! As for Victor... well! Victor brought out a lot of the same feelings, with different degrees of course, as well as for different reasons, but I most loved his Knight in Blue Scaled Armour trait! But as to WHY that is, you will have to read this for yourself! wink This book picks up EXACTLY where the last one left us! Can you just imagine how ZODIACELICIOUS it will be to read this series in its ENTIRETY FROM BOOK 1 TO BOOK 12 (I AM HOPING) ONE AFTER THE OTHER, AFTER THE OTHER UNTIL THERE ISN'T ANYMORE TO READ!?! SQUEEEEEE I am shaking, panting and leaking just thinking it!!! THAT is how much I love, Love, LOVE this series so far!!!!! As powerful as the first book is, I didn't expect, didn't think it would be PAWSSIBLE to top it, but this book does and in EVERY DRAGONTASTICAL way possible! Having the story told in first person, combined with Kim's astronomical talent, true gift and her enriching, shadowy dark & FURRIFIC writing style, had me connected to Odessa & Victor in ways that are too hard to explain, to define even, but it affected me soul deep, wringing me emotionally dry and filling my heart beyond capacity! I cried more times than I can count, but smiled just as much too! Having been granted the endless pleasure of being able to read books 1 & 2 together without any of that pesky waiting on it to be released, and no matter how much I love Taurus, I can see & feel the increased strength, passion, force and PAWER behind the words, behind the characters, as well as the difference between the books and the stories they are telling. I can now see that Taurus had a major dual purpose – tell Marcus & Abrial’s story AND set up the rest of the series! So even though Marcus & Abrial got their story, their romance if you will (trust me! It is much, MUCH more intense than “just” a romance!), it was also all about establishing everything - the characters, the world they live in, the various types of species, as well as the histories of the Guardians, the shifters, their worlds even, giving us everything we need, when we need it so we aren't bombarded & overwhelmed with everything! But with Aquarius, we get more story, more exploration of the characters, more focus on Odessa & Victor and how they are interconnected, WHY Odessa and Victor are protective of each other even though they have barely even met, why they have this connection, and more! Having this book shift gears means more focus on the power, magic, friends, family, love and the value of it all. It’s like the stars aligned in the universe to bring Wolf and Dragon together, regardless if it is what each other needs, or even the world needs right now! With Kim’s talent being so immeasurable it’s off the Dragon scale, it’s IMPAWSSIBLE to NOT become attached to the characters, to live their story with them, even AS them, which of course deepens the ENTIRE reading experience! I wouldn’t change a thing! Nor could I ask for anything more! Except for more SHIFTACULAR books having already been released before I discovered them! wink Like Taurus before it, Aquarius consumed me wholly, utterly & completely - mind, body, spirit and soul, on every level, on every plane! I’m not going to give up on you. Do you hear me?
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