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The Death Cure by James Dashner
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Jun 03, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** I'm so sick of really great series being ruined by the last book! This one definitely wasn't as bad as the Hunger Games, but still...
The whole story felt really detached and lacked emotion. Newt and Teresa die in this book and they barely get a paragraph for each of their deaths, and they were hardly mentioned after their deaths. Ridiculous.
I had high expectations for this series and this last book held the key to maintaining my faith but it completely fell short. I'm really just upset about this right now...ugh!
The parts I liked about this book that gave it three stars instead of two (though it's right on the border) were bringing Gally back, and Newt being revealed as having the Flare. But Newt deserved more credit for his death and there really needed to be more emotion in the situation and I was really hoping for an emotional showdown between Thomas and Minho when Thomas would have to tell Minho that he killed Newt. Of course, that didn't happen. Teresa's death was SO DUMB! Pushing Thomas out of the way of a collapsing wall?! Can you say cliche?! Ugh! I just can't get over this!
Also, the questions I've had throughout the series that were left untouched. What about their families? I just wanted SOMETHING! I don't need their entire life story, but seriously, the issue wasn't even touched.
The ending was SUPER lame and extremely abrupt, not to mention I hate Brenda. A lot. I can't believe Thomas would trust Brenda--who obviously was a double agent, even if she had a "change of heart"--over Teresa, even after she proved herself multiple times. I really think their relationship deserves more credit than that and I never thought of Thomas as a person to hold a grudge in the first two books; I just figured he would have time to make up with Teresa in the third book, but she was hardly in the story. I was upset with the direction the whole story took: Teresa, the Gladers, and Group B were hardly in the book, the whole Right Arm thing, the fact that WICKED's top Candidate was allowed to roam a Crank infested city when WICKED has unlimited money to just pick him up and rip his brain out; the stupid society of Immunes living in a paradise where they can reproduce...grr.
Wow. First two books get five stars, third book barely gets three...
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Monica Teresa's death was so stupid. Grr. And you're right, Newt deserved more than that measly paragraph.

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