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Demon Diary, Volume 05 by Kara
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Jun 03, 2011

it was amazing
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Wah! It's almost done. So close to the end. Just two more and then this wonderful story will come to an end! *Blubbers* I don't want it to end! Why is this series so short!? It's not fair! *Flails* Just when it's really getting interesting. In this volume the story went supernova on the reader. It keeps getting more interesting as we see more of what's happened in the past and what's to come in the future! I am so hooked to this series right now!

Lee Yun Hee! Why do you torment me with this manga!? I know you love doing it! I can see it in the way you make me sink my teeth into these books like nothing! >_< Hee did, no surprise, another amazing job with this volume. Even more is revealed about the characters, the plot keeps moving forward, and my verb tenses keep switching back and forth but that's okay because I'm too excited and you can blame it on Hee for doing this with Demon Diary. She introduced "time" as well and I must warn the reader that if you are not paying real close attention to the volume, you will be lost as to what is going on. Not that it's confusing to understand, just that there's a lot of information so you want to make sure you get it all. KARA! I want to kick your ass! Why do your characters and scenery keep getting prettier!? That just CAN'T be possible! But alas... it is... for it is you... I hate you... *Takes Kara and shoves into her pocket* You are mine now. I claimed you. *Smirks*

Poor Raenef... he went through so much and is still going to be going through so much crap... everything just came crashing down into his lap and there's no napkin to wipe it clean... unless you consider Eclipse a napkin then everything will be fine. XD That man is so taken with Rae. You can just see, without squinting at all, how much he truly cares for Raenef. It's becoming so apparent that even the other characters are starting to see it. It's so amazing how both these characters are still growing in the fifth volume. In other mangas, the characters usually develop for the first one or two volumes. However, in Demon Diary, all the characters continue to grow until the very last volume. Even the side characters grow!

Even more background information was revealed about Erutis and her true reasons for why she's still in Raenef's castle as well! Chris didn't really grow much in this volume but it is because of him you get to find out a lot of history of the Hangma War, what Raenef IV was like, and even see him admitting to liking Rae! (Which was adorable, by the way!) A cameo is made by Krayon and you get to see more of his awesomeness~ He loves to break rules and red-headed girls~ THAT'S ALL I'M SAYING ABOUT IT! Meruhesae is here mostly to ponder what Raenef IV's true intentions and to point out that all is not as it seems. Speaking of Raenef IV, he's a jerk but that's to be expected of a powerful demon lord. In fact, I respect him a lot! His magical abilities weren't up to par with other demon lords so he did what anyone with a brain would do... he did research and STUDIED! I admire this man for his intelligence even if his naming things hobby is a bit odd. XD He's suppose to be the villian but honestly... I don't see him as one because what he ended up doing was the most logical path to take. The next volume will go more in depth with certain things so I'll leave you with, he's a pretty good character... even if he is taking away my Eclipse. *Hisses*

Really? Do I need to say it again? Of course I do! READ THIS SERIES ALREADY! HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO SAY IT UNTIL YOU GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULLS!? It is really worth your time and money. Especially if you are a magic lover! Magic is really big in this manga! The characters have funny one-liners that'll make you giggle your pants off. Plus, they are so loveable~ And in these later volumes, there's a lot more action! You cannot go wrong with this series. Besides, there's only seven volumes. It's not like you are going to have to waste a whole lot of money. And if you really are that cheap, look for it at the library! You get to read an awesome series without spending a penny! See? Everyone wins! ^_^ I really hope you enjoy!

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June 3, 2011 – Started Reading
June 3, 2011 – Shelved
June 3, 2011 –
page 1
0.48% "*Flails* Oh snap!!! I'm up to the fifth volume! Things are really going to start getting more ARGH now! I can't wait to get into it! *Smiles*"
June 3, 2011 –
page 16
7.69% "Holy! I forgot she jumped on him with her legs wrapped around... you know... I won't even say it! All you need to know is... Damn, Erutis... you're so lucky! XD"
June 3, 2011 –
page 23
11.06% "Granvirias... nice name, book! XD Eclipse no like you, though. And it's obvious why he wants Rae back. He's not his squishy cuddle bear anymore~ XD Poor Eru... always mistaken for a man. X3"
June 3, 2011 –
page 30
14.42% "Eclipse in a... pink... frilly... what!? XDDDDDDD Oh, that would have been epic! XDDDDD And hey! He doens't believe in burning books either! I love him all the more now! <3"
June 3, 2011 –
page 37
17.79% "*GASPS!!!* ... *Dies* ...that was the hottest thing I have ever seen... *Slaps self* Uh... anyway... Eclipse no likey Rae! Put him back the way he was! *Pouts*"
June 3, 2011 –
page 52
25.0% "I love it when the characters break the fourth wall and talk to us directly or about things that only the reader would know and not the characters themselves. Also, I didn't say this in the other reviews but I love how you get to see the author and the artist interact. They work so well together. XD"
June 3, 2011 –
page 57
27.4% "*Cracks up* One of the best pages ever in this volume. So many one-liners that just makes you laugh your ass off! X3"
June 3, 2011 –
page 61
29.33% "Eclipse! You should just admit it! I love how Erutis is giving him hell for not admitting that he was happy and that he LOVES Raenef! XDDD Even though she's getting her ass kicked by him, she's STILL poking fun at him. By the way, she looks VERY sexy in them jeans~ *Winks*"
June 3, 2011 –
page 83
39.9% "So now we know more about what happened to Raenef IV. Apparently he is very intelligent if a bit odd. I mean... naming things was his hobby... XD Also... The Hangma War plays into the lives of many. We will find out more about this "curse" soon enough. >:3"
June 3, 2011 –
page 103
49.52% "Curse reveal! But there's still a lot that we do not know yet. (Well, I know but you guys don't! XD) Soon, though. Everything will make sense. Once Raenef IV decides to let us in on the secret~ Oh, and Meruhesae knows when you don't tell her something. She's a seer, after all. Might as well let her in on your plans, eh? Raenef IV? *Smirks*"
June 3, 2011 –
page 109
52.4% "Rae! No fair! How come you get all the pretty boys after you!? Now even Chris likes you! No fair! *Blubbers*"
June 3, 2011 –
page 119
57.21% "Oh my God! Teenagers! XDDDD I won't ever get over seeing Krayon with pigtails. It's so hilarious! X3 And he's so cute! He wants Erutis to be okay~ He likey her! *Giggles* Rae and Eclipse are so cute in this picture! I want to sleep on him, too! *Flails*"
June 3, 2011 –
page 138
66.35% "Yay! Even more is revealed about Erutis' past! AND~! We get to see the "real" reason why she's at Rae's castle. *Smirks* Ah, I would do the same if the opportunity arose~ *Dreamy sigh*"
June 3, 2011 –
page 152
73.08% "Hejem knows about it, too. Hmm... being the High Cleric sure has its perks! ^_^"
June 3, 2011 –
page 180
86.54% "I must say, these last few pages were great in building tension. I love how Kara decided to draw these scenes. It added so much more drama to it! It's great! And doh! What a jerk Raenef IV is! How dare he do what he did and make Raenef suffer for it! >_<"
June 3, 2011 –
page 189
90.87% "In your arms, eh? Well... it seems you two were busy. I mean, I knew this from the beginning (and the many times I've read this manga) but it's still pleasing to hear you say it for yourself. *Smirks*"
June 3, 2011 –
page 192
92.31% "Dude, if you don't pay attention to what the characters are saying, you could easily get lost as to what's happening. Ack! Raenef IV is such a prick! How dare he do such a thing!? I should smack him. Then again the creatures of heaven aren't much better either. >_< Well, we'll see what happens from here. Let's go!"
June 3, 2011 – Shelved as: manga
June 3, 2011 – Finished Reading
July 14, 2016 – Shelved as: lgbtqiap

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message 1: by N.T. (new)

N.T. Embe *Applauds!* And full steam ahead indeed, my friend! You're doing a fantastic job of outlining the manga volume by volume for people! *Smiles* I wish I could do such a good job! <3 I felt like I got a little lost on my own reviews while writing them, however you keep clear points throughout them all and even while you reveal some things, it's just never enough for the reader to get what they want out of them. *Winks* Nice work! Make them read the manga!

And for those of you still holding back: Don't. I read it and it's well worth your time, especially since it -is- so short a series, and has a lot of elements to keep it constantly interesting, while the characters remain -very- enjoyable and grow progressively just like Rain said. It's awesome. <3

....just like Eclipse and Krayon. X3

Also, Rain? That line about "He loves to break rules and red-headed girls"? Priceless. XD

Rain Misoa *Smirks* That line was VERY intentional~ XD

But yes~ I have a certain pattern that I follow with my reviews so that I know what to say without giving anything away. I don't like spoilers and if I do have spoilers, I make sure to let the reader know before I keep ranting~ (And ranting is what I do best~)


message 3: by N.T. (new)

N.T. Embe Looooove that line. I want to quote it! >XD <3

YES, YES, LISTEN TO ZE ME. Because I am edumacated in the terms of Manga-fangirly-isms. ...yes I know, not convincing whatsoever. *Smiles* It really is a great series, especially for the Shounen-Ai lovers. <3 You girls (and guys?) have got to check it out. It's absolutely adorable and sexy, and funny! X3 <3

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