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My Song for You by Stina Lindenblatt
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I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads

3 Ethically & Morally Bankrupt Stars, and not on the rock star's part.

1) No doubt my tagline got your attention. 2) I'm going to be the annoying reviewer who can't let it go. 3) I read the book in its entirety, and while I can see why romance fans will go googly-eyed over it, I'm too ethical, too serious, too stick-up-my-bum to not vent. 4)I'll try to review it once I've let off the steam, because all those 4 & 5 stars are accurate from the 'romance' standpoint.

Hands down, I couldn't stomach the actions, behavior, and mentality of the 'heroine' in My Song for You, which makes enjoying a book impossible when you don't like one of the two narrators. I couldn't buy into the romance, as I wasn't on the bandwagon of singing Callie's praises.

Give her ten jobs, taking a double-major of courses, have her struggle, and remove all friends and family, have her be self-conscious about everything, but it doesn't erase what she's done when there was no logical reason for it to take place. The guilt- I kept thinking, how could anyone sleep at night after doing this?

Obviously the reader gets the gist of what the book entails from the blurb. 5 years ago, Jared was told by his ex that she was pregnant, and a few days later she said she had an abortion... she didn't. I'm not a mother, and every mother will disagree with me- that is a woman's right to choose, UNLESS & UNTIL a child is born. Then the father has equal rights to the child they helped create.

If this book had been written in reverse, the uncle to the child would have been arrested by the true mother, and every female on the planet would have agreed. But since this is romance, we're just to overlook the morally and ethically bankrupt actions on the part of a pair of sisters.

I could have bought into the premise if Alexis & Callie had an actual 'reason' for withholding a father from the child. After the death of her entire family, Callie played the martyr instead of contacting the father. While the reader is to empathize with Callie (which I could), we're subjected to how 'giving', 'sweet', 'kind', and 'pitiful' Callie is, when it's all a guise for manipulative, ILLEGAL behavior.

Why am I so angry? Because in reality, where this happens every day, where mothers use an agenda, use children as weapons, and withhold rights out of spite, the child is left feeling unwanted, as if half of the whole doesn't want them. But the real issue is when the truth comes out, how it wasn't that their father didn't love them, they didn't know the child existed, the child feels betrayed by the only person they ever trusted, creating a vicious cycle of behavior, where the child hates themselves.

Callie wasn't betraying Jared, having him miss out on 4 years of his son's life- she was betraying Logan. She was being selfish- not out of love for Logan, but possession.

Every time Logan brought up the fun things Ben did with his dad... that was Callie's fault, not Jared's. Logan had a dad, and Callie made sure Logan didn't have those experiences.

This behavior was exploited, and written away as romantic. Jared was not abusive. In fact, both sisters were in love with him. So why not tell him the truth so the child could have this amazing person as a dad? "It was just a hookup after we broke up." With the lame excuse, "Alexis felt you were too talented to be tied down to a kid... or Logan deserved more than having a father who was touring." That's not being selfless. Basically, Callie was saying, "Logan is better off with no dad, because I don't think you'd be a good one because you're a musician, but I'm going to lust after you like a groupie."

That's insulting to Jared.

Even if Jared toured a few months a year, at least Logan would have had a father every day of his life, grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins. An entire family who loved him. Not just one singular person who was hiding to keep Logan as a possession.

If this excuse can fly for touring musicians, what about military personnel? Do they not deserve their child? Doesn't their child deserve their parent? Just because they may not be able to be there every single day?

Sorry, no matter how you slice it, it's gross. No matter how flowery, how romantic, how martyred and pitiful Callie was written, it tainted the story.

*end rant*

Now onto the review. I loved Jared, his entire family, Logan, the band, and the new puppy. What I didn't like is how empathetic Jared was, which made him look weak, a doormat, with no self-respect. Jared wasn't angry enough to fit true human emotions. The level of betrayal would take more than a kiss and a pout, and your friends telling you to stop being 'mean' to the woman who essentially stole your child (as I said, reverse it, and the male version of Callie would have been in prison).

Callie was angry that Jared was angry at her. Over and over again, when she should have felt guilty, the pitiful, "He only sees me as a little sister. He doesn't want me," would pop out, when I thought he should have seen her in prison, not his bed or heart. I wanted Callie to just once think, "My actions are hurting Jared and Logan. Why am I doing this?"

I get that this adds an extra layer of forbidden, maybe love-hate to the storyline, but the level of betrayal was never address. How could Jared, his family, and the bandmates ever trust Callie? It would take months, if not years, before that trust could be rebuilt.

I agreed that Callie should still be mother, a position she had no right to steal, for the sake of Logan. But any and all romance shown I couldn't buy, not so quickly, with no buildup or trust rebuilt. Callie made Logan feel as if he should be the one to be apologetic, and I don't understand that ethically bankrupt mentality.

However, I believe anyone who doesn't get stuck on the major plot point of the novel will find it decadently addictive and romantic.
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