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Jun 02, 2011

it was amazing
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Recommended for: Copy & paste fans!
Read from September 27 to 28, 2011

"There's nothing like a bunch of catty teenagers who could either kick your ass halfway across the country or set you on fire with a mere thought.

That alone changed who people picked fights with or became friends with.
And at the end of the day, it was always good to have a Firestarter in your back pocket."

Okay soooo As a HUGE Vampire Academy fan please allow me to adress the whole "It's just like V.A. Issue"..... Well it did have several moments especially in the beginning as well as the concept that held an uncanny resemblance to Vampire Academy, there's no denying that, however keep reading because Half-Blood transforms into something unique and desirable that will capture the hearts of their own fans. In Half-Blood the premise revolves around mythical creatures which I'm finding very intriguing at this moment.

Meet Alexandria, or more preferably known as Alex, she's smart, witty, fascinating, sarcastic, irresponsible, and basically thinks she's "bad-ass" like every other seventeen year old and she charmed me from page one. She's considered a Half-Blood; with her father a mundane human and her mother a Hematoi a very powerful race of Pure-Bloods, a product of the Greeks shacking up after the demigods died. She finds herself back at the Covenant living on Deity Island after her mom succumbed to an attack by force from a group of Daimons.

"She was everything to me!" I jumped to my feet. "She did nothing but think of me. What happened to her was horrific---'tragic' is for people who die in car wrecks!"

Daimons are basically the Strigoi of this series, but they drink blood from Pures and Half to obtain the Aether carried in their bloodstream. If you can't get past the Vampire Academy similarities stop now, but if you can you're in for an awesome new series because it takes us readers on an entirely different ride than Vampire Academy. It's equally emotionally charged but look put because the plot is uniquely heartbreaking, breathtaking, and exciting!!!!:-)

"Just picture me as the enemy Alexandria."

Oh that won't be too hard, Dean Andros."

I raised my hands and motioned him forward. I was a total badass."

Alex becomes determined to become a Sentinel guard to protect others from the tragic incident with the Daimons that has changed her life forever. In many ways she's wise beyond her seventeen years and at times she's just a struggling teenager with fantasies of love and immeasurable dreams.

Her best friend Caleb was an extremely desirable best friend to have and he was hilarious!!! I found him extremely likable and a very reliable friend to Alex. What I love most is that they both supportive friends and that just it; they're platonic friends with no desire of a relationship, a productive example once again that males and females can be just friends. I look forward to more of Caleb throughout this series.

Caleb stood up as I walked into the living room."You look hot."I scrunched up my face."You think this is hot?"He laughed as he turned toward the door."No"

Then there's the sexy Aiden St. Delfi, a Full Blood also referred to as Hematoi; he's fiercely responsible and dedicated to training Alex to becoming a powerful Sentinel. He also unbeknownst to himself has been in possesion of the key to Alex's heart for the past three years. Quickly he becomes her confidant, mentor, and masculine shoulder to cry on. He proves himself crushworthy Swoon along the way and you cannot help but encourage the budding relationship between Alex and Aiden because he's loyal, trustworthy, strong, and cares about Alex's well being above his own. When Aiden St. isn't training his forbidden crush Alex he is carrying out the parental figure with his alcoholic abusing fun loving, promiscuous brother Deacon and each and every scene he's in was a mixture of fun and rebellion.

But wait because the list of lustworthy males is still in abundance because I can't seem to get dangerously gifted Seth The Apollyon out of my thoughts, especially since he is also described as being inhumanely gorgeous by Alex.

"I knew you were here. Not you so to speak. But I knew someone---someone different. I felt it outside, before I entered the lobby. It was like a magnetic pull. I zeroed in on you immediately. That has never happened before."

he unfolded his arms to reach for me. I pulled back. There were a multitude of reasons why I didn't want him to touch me. Alarmed that he was actually going to,

I blurted out the first thing that came to my mind.

"I saw your tattoos."

Seth froze. Hell he no longer looked like he wanted to touch me, or be in the same zip code as me.

The Apollyon is a unique and rare anomaly amongst the half bloods. As an Apollyon he has mastered every element at a Full Blood's disposal such as Air, Water, Fire, as well as Earth Spells and Compulsions all at once and his blood is merely classified as a half blood. Often he's feared and revered amongst his kind as almost a deity as he is all powerful and has no limitations on what powers are at his disposal. He holds plenty of mystery as well as inherited gifts that enables him to be more powerful than even the purest of Hematoi. There's something about a mystically charismatic character with a bit of a feisty naughty boy quality that captures my attention and mesmerizes me to no end.

For those readers like myself that need plenty of males to gush about in not only do we get funny lovable Caleb, but we get Fiercely responsible Aiden, irresponsible Deacon and mysterious Seth.

I can already see that this premiere series by Jennifer L. Armentrout will be on my favorites list. This book was amazing and with all of it's plot twists and turns, I can't even imagine what is in store for us readers in Pure Blood next year.

Alex begins this journey as a rebellious adolescent, that unfortunately has to grow up when she is faced with the task of killing someone she loves in a technique of self preservation.

What was I supposed to do? Kill her, Run from her. Save her somehow?

She endures all this angst while enjoying a taste of love, experiencing immeasurable pain, fortunately she has the comforting embrace of a loyal and devoted friend.

Alex receives an electrifying revelation that will change her life forever as a predestined future set forth by the gods before her. I'm Obsessed excited to find out how this revelation into her bloodline is carried out with this series and a certain someone.

I can't say enough wonderfully awesome things about this book! I loved, loved, loved it!!!

For all of you readers that enjoy an exciting page turner this is the book for you.

"This cannot be happening."

He looked up his eyes glowed in the darkness. The bewildered look faded replaced by anger.

"We're going to die."

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Jennifer L. Armentrout
“I was gonna be super pissed in the afterlife if I died a virgin in this crap hole.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Half-Blood

Jennifer L. Armentrout
“Then I should be relieved to know what I was told an hour ago is false. It wasn't you who yanked a girl--by her hair--out of chair in the common lounge area.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Half-Blood

Jennifer L. Armentrout
“You better have had a baby, killed someone, or slept with a pure. Those are your three options. Anything less is unsuitable.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Half-Blood

Jennifer L. Armentrout
“So? What are you going to do about it? Throw your mashed potatoes at me? I'm consumed by terror.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Half-Blood
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Chris This one looks interesting. How are you liking it? One of your Borders finds?

MISS VAIN It's very good actually! Very similar to V.A. With gods and half-gods. You would like this Cristin! Actually not a border find but still a good deal, lol I downloaded it last night from B&N.

It's actual release date is October 18th but I was happy to see last night it was released early digitally and it's only $3.99.

Mariya I think I heard that Amazon and other's are releasing it earlt b/c the release change was short notice and it wasn't registered into the system correctly or something. It was suppose to be released September something.

MISS VAIN Oh really? It still shows the paperback pre-order and the digital wasn't. Either way I was happy to read it early! I can totally see the similarities you and I spoke about after you read it. Call me nostalgic but I'm hoping to fill the V.A. Void LOL!

Aiden is swoon worthy ;) I don't think I've read about your flame yet though. So tell me; Who will I like, you should know?? I'm curious.

Mariya Well, You know in Vampire Academy I loved both Dimitri and Adrian! I mean in lots other love triangles I sometimes could choose one of the other and dislike the other but in VA I loved them equally but thought it would make sense for Rose to be with Dimitri.

In Halfblood. I feel the same way, though I may be leaning towards Seth a bit more. Basically, Aiden is DImitri and Seth is Adrian. Hahaha.

So I have no idea who you'll love b/c in VA I LOVED THEM BOTH! Like in Nightshade it was different b/c you'd have to be insane not to choose Ren! But in Half-blood the men are both equally delicious! =DDDDD

MISS VAIN Well you know I loved both as well but just wanted Dimitri for Rose. So on that were equal. I bet I will probably feel the same way as you do because even when we rate certain series differently you and I always lust after the same gorgeous fictional males. ;-) lol.

You know what's crazy, is that I've actually came across reviews of Nightshade with sayings like "OMG I love Shay" ughhhh I wish their was a "dislike" button just for those rants!!! HAHA!!

Oh my beautifully arrogant Alpha-Licious Ren, who wouldn't want him??! ;-) Is January here yet?!;-)

P.s. Cristin I've been reading some excellent books lately and I don't think you have them added to your TBR list yet! :-)

MISS VAIN Mariya-And I just met Deacon.....Now, he reminds me of Adrian!;)

Mariya I don't even remember who that is now. LOL
It must be Seth! At least I think so.

MISS VAIN Lol! Deacon is Aiden's promiscuous and very flirtatious brother.

Mariya Oh! See how long ago I read this book? Too long. Hahaha.

MISS VAIN Lol! I'm the same way with books I read last month! LOL

MISS VAIN Okay Mariya, Seth (view spoiler) has made his first appearance. :-) he's described as incredibly hot!

Mariya Hot and delicious! Hehehe. =DDDDDD

MISS VAIN Hehe totally!!! (view spoiler)

MISS VAIN Mariya-I loved it!! ;-) I love both Aiden and Seth, but I just can't get enough of that Apollyon bad boy! ;) hehe

message 16: by Anna (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anna Glad you liked it so much!!!

Merita Seeing as though you compared it to VA i am definantly putting this in my "to read" pile :)

MISS VAIN Anna-You were right I absolutly loved it to pieces! ;-) Alex and Caleb were awesome. All of the men were delicious, but I'm so obsessed with Seth, I can't wait to see what happens with him. :)

MISS VAIN Merita wrote: "Seeing as though you compared it to VA i am definantly putting this in my "to read" pile :)"

Merita-It was awesome! As a huge V.A. Fan I find it easy to say that it was just as wonderful as V.A. except I think this first book may have even been more exciting than V.A. You will love it, an easy 5 stars for me.:-)

message 20: by Anna (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anna Both Seth and Caleb are perfect!Well,I just can't wait to read the sequel!The waiting time is killing me!

MISS VAIN I agree! I hate waiting. It's going to kill me as well as you! Lol. I imagine the next book will be even better but it's so difficult to imagine what will unfold with the next book because Half-Blood had plenty of action, adventure, and romance.....basically I just know I want more please!!!;-)

message 22: by Anna (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anna And keep in mind I read this book sometime in summer...Ughhhhh!As soon as my pb copy comes I will do a re-read!
Oh well,one thing is for certain,there's more of Seth to come!

MISS VAIN I know:) I remember when you read it. I barely read it a week ago and I'm already anxious to get my hands on this book. This book will be a fun re-read as well. I loved all the men in this book but just knowing that Seth has to be in this book has me giddy with excitement like a little school girl.;-)

message 24: by Anna (last edited Oct 03, 2011 06:14AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anna He he!I can see it from now,picking one between Caleb and Seth will be difficult!

Roxanne Instead of a 'like' button there should be a 'LOVE' button. Just reading your review has made me turn all fan girly and bounce up and down in my chair.

Great Review!!

MISS VAIN Anna wrote: "He he!I can see it from now,picking one between Caleb and Seth will be difficult!"

Do you like Aiden at all?

MISS VAIN Roxanne wrote: "Instead of a 'like' button there should be a 'LOVE' button. Just reading your review has made me turn all fan girly and bounce up and down in my chair.

Great Review!!"

HAHA I love it, best comment EVER Roxanne!! ;-) Thank you. I just loved this book, and I already know you did too! So it's awesome!

Mariya MISS VAIN wrote: "Mariya-I loved it!! ;-) I love both Aiden and Seth, but I just can't get enough of that Apollyon bad boy! ;) hehe"

Hehehe! Good! You like them both! Seth is a total hottie but I guess Aiden is as well! AHHHHHHH! I CAN'T CHOOSE!!! This is just like VA! I love both the love interests! =DDDDDDDDDD

MISS VAIN Mariya-I liked them both, however Seth is my Obsession favorite!!!!!! ;-) I cannot wait to read Pure.;)

message 30: by Anna (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anna MISS VAIN wrote: "Anna wrote: "He he!I can see it from now,picking one between Caleb and Seth will be difficult!"

Do you like Aiden at all?"

If I remember the name correctly Aiden is Alex's friend right?In that case I loved him as well!

Mariya Aiden is the the main love interest the guy who is training her to fight.

message 32: by Anna (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anna I have all the names mixed up after so much time I'm afraid.I only remember Alex and Seth... for certain.A re-read is a must...

MISS VAIN Anna-Haha! You are mistaken...it has been a while for you.
Aiden is her Hermatoi trainer
Caleb is her best friend
Seth is The Apollyon!

Thanks for the clarification Mariya.:)

message 34: by Anna (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anna Yeap,all sorted out now!I've never been good with names, I know,I'm ashamed!

MISS VAIN Haha! No need to be ashamed, it happens to me ALL the time! Lol. Of the men which is your favorite??

message 36: by Anna (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anna I'm afraid Aiden...The whole "agapi mou" thing made me melt...Being Greek and that I just couldn't resist a guy who spoke that phrase!But Seth is seriously hot on the other hand...And we didn't get to know half about him yet...What a mix up!

Mariya SETH, MY LOVE!!!!

MISS VAIN Anna-I was going to ask you if you loved this book so much more because it was based on Greek mythology and you being from Greece and all....

What does that phrase "agapi mou" mean?

Mariya & Anna-
I loved Aiden and Seth but I always fall for the mysterious bad boys...so Seth was a little more my type, however if I could I would choose both!!!!!!

message 39: by Anna (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anna Well,I'd love it either way believe me!I don't think i'd love it any less if it was based on another universe.
Agapi mou means my love...!!!And it wasn't just the phrase,it was the way it was so casually used in the story and in the whole scene that made me swoon!It was completely unexpected!

MISS VAIN Haha! I'm going to go back later and re-read that scene now that I know what it means! Thanks for the info because I totally missed that phrase. Aiden Definitly was swoon worthy! :-)

Roxanne I didn't like Seth to begin with, he was too arrogant for my tastes but by the end of the book I was hanging on his every word. I think we'll see a completely different side to him in book two. Even his little gestures made me swoon, like when he kisses Alex on the forehead at the end of the book. *wistful sigh*

However I still adore Aiden, especially when he is glaring at Seth whenever he's with Alex :P I love jealous men! It'll be interesting to see how she copes with loving one of them and destined for the other.

MISS VAIN Unfortunately I'm a magnet for arrogant jealous mean in real life and fiction. Lol. It's like a magnet pulls us together so of course I loved both Aiden for his protective jealousy and Seth for being his arrogant mystical self. Lol. Both of these men had me fanning myself!!! Lol.

They're both awesome, like if I was going to rate them they're both 10's. But I love Seth!! :) but I love Aiden as well! Haha, I'm fickle....;-)

I'm really interested in the difference between loving who you love and and who your destined to be with! This series is going to be Awesome!! I just loved this book.

MISS VAIN Oh yeah I have Daimon too, I usually read pre-quals after the first book so I haven't finished it yet, but Half Blood is excellent!!!! If you enjoyed Daimon then you will love Half Blood as I did! :)

MISS VAIN A lot of people read the pre-quel first with this series. For me I usually understand the pre-quel better after the first book is the only reason I do it. :) You should read Half-Blood soon, please let me know what you think of it?? Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Wendy Darling Ah. I'm glad to hear you still enjoyed it despite all the Vampire Academy talk! I've had an ARC for months and months and just never read it because of that, even though I really liked the prequel.

You've given me hope, Miss Vain. You've given me hope.

Mariya The VA similarities did really bother me. I"m not gonna lie and I was like WTF?! TOtal copy! But it is a bit different once you get through the entire book and it is enjoyable. I'm hoping the sequel will be better though, actually I heard that it is awesome. I just have to read it now! Hahaha! I want more Seth! Totally!

MISS VAIN Wendy, I read it so long ago (September I think) and I was re-reading the male love interests in the book and clicked "edit" review instead of "read" review...So it's not super fresh on my memory, but I thought it was really good.

I actually felt this series might actually have the potential to be better than VA.

It does have some VA similarities but as you read further on in the story they no longer exist.

I really really truly hope I'm not giving you false hope Wendy!;)

MISS VAIN Mariya, once you're like 20% into the book I remember thinking those VA similarities fade.

Seth! Seth! Seth!!

Wendy you'll love Seth too;)

Wendy Darling You know me. I like a crush-worthy boy. ;)

MISS VAIN Wendy Darling wrote: "You know me. I like a crush-worthy boy. ;)"

As do I.:) Lucky for you there's two crush worthy boys! *sigh*

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