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Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding
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really liked it
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Four and a half stars. First read through, have to say it was very good. Probably my favorite steampunk to date, and a fine novel all around. Airships, gunfights, pirates, a golem, daemons... lots of fun ingredients but also fully developed characters. A little bit of the "shades of grey" protagonists; the captain of the airship seems to resemble Captain Jack Sparrow--charming as all get out, but you have the sneaking suspicion he isn't trustworthy. In fact, first couple of incidents we witness cement it. I had a little trouble with the narrative at times, as it jumped from person to person, and the in between, the prior narrator gets lost when the next takes over. There's some complicated politicking in the background, and that's where I got a little lost, but I think the plot hangs together in the context of the setting. There is a redemption angle that becomes very satisfying, as the band of motley almost-pirates eventually learns to trust each other. I'll likely be adding it to my own library, and I'm not adding books unless they are re-reads.
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Mimi This whole series is reread material. It set the standard for steampunk for me even though it's not quite steampunk.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

A question: are the books standalone, or do they make up one long story? After A Song of Ice and Fire fiasco (yes, this is fiasco from readers' POV) I am not touching unfinished non-episodic series - and I would love to read this one based on your reviews.

Mimi It's a continuous arc and things wrap up rather well in the end. So have no fear, dive right in! I think you'll like the writing since there's a good mix of humor and action.

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Mimi wrote: "It's a continuous arc and things wrap up rather well in the end. So have no fear, dive right in! I think you'll like the writing since there's a good mix of humor and action."

So this is something like for example Kate Daniels with one big overall story arch, but the substories are wrapped up?

Mimi Yes, except the story is told from multiple POVs. A few characters get more page time than others, but their journeys are wrapped up by the last book.

carol. Evgeny, ditto what Mimi said. I kind of hate this comparison, but it reminds me somewhat of a Firefly-type series. Each character gets their moments and has a personal arc, but each book is in context of a particular conflict-driven plot. Not so much as one overall unification arc. In theory, I suppose Wooding could restart the series (Mimi? Weigh in? I was saving the last, because I'm weird like that), but I believe the series is written.

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Is the really series finished? In this case what am I waiting for?

The last was a rhetorical question :)

Mimi Technically Wooding could write more and continue the journey--personally I would love it--but I think that ship has sailed. The series as it is is complete, so no worries about cliffhangers or the author taking his sweet time lol.

I hope you get to the last book some day, Carol, but I understand hoarding it. More reason to reread the other three before you get to it. :)

Athena You had me at 'Firefly' … :)

message 10: by Mimi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mimi Then you'll enjoy this book. The series starts out as a nod to Firefly, but then expands a great deal with each book. All four books are great and quite an experience.

Athena YAY! Thx so much!

message 12: by Bee (new) - added it

Bee I'm sold, i'll take three

carol. Enjoy, Bee! I thought it was fun, although I'm not sure I've re-read it. I did, however, add it to the library on expectations of one day doing so.

Mayim de Vries Late to the party, but I enjoyed it too. I found it very refreshing (after the high grim dark diet I indulge in).

carol. Excellent. After all, some of us are living in some grimdark times... :)

Mayim de Vries true that, grim dark is not welcome at the moment

carol. :)

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