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The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
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I would like to congrat Mr. Tolle not only for overcoming suffering, misery and pain and not only for starting to enjoy life and finding peace & happiness and not only for being productive in the society, helping people out or producing this book but also for finding the truth of life. Nothing can waken a person from life deceptions only a great pain that sucks all sorts of life & humanity from his/ her life only then the person could see what really matters in life that worth exhausting one’s resources and energy for.

This book discusses basic facts and common sense concepts in philosophical context, it acquires its significance from the fact that it discusses concepts and points that were never been discussed in very deep details as done here from a person who lived and experienced the feelings. Surely this book can help in formulating theories and developing tools that helps in creating programs to understand and enhance individual’s life.

Going through the first chapter started to put some influence in my thinking & feeling as it started imposing the writer’s ideas in my days making me paranoid that i have to keep fighting not to think and only live the moment with the continuous worry that if i don't do this i will not enjoy my time. Having this continuous worries has really disturbed my peace the whole day for couple of days that i had decided to stop and avoid reading this book, but i only scanned through just to understand what the author is up to and understand his motives.

Because the points the author is bringing up are very basic that are facts which can be easily taken and accepted by the reader it starts to influence the reader, which is a problem of this book that it starts to reprogram instantaneously the reader’s thinking, views and life involuntary without considering the balances that the reader is currently enjoying in his/ her life. As the reader involuntary start to enjoy the experience of implementing what the text brings it can reach obsession.

This book is only good for the psychiatrists to refer to; to understand human nature in order to treat individuals’ psychological issues.

About the author; he produced this book from personal pain which seems the result of an imbalance in his life that he came out with intensive hatred to the mind and thinking thats due to the fact he was drowning in his thoughts and not letting himself to rest from it, he was incapable of enjoying life, he sees the mind as the main enemy to the person despite the fact it was the author who abused the usage of his mind!

The author is supposed to develop and build on what he discovered; not to take the issue personally and being far from neutralism in his discussions which deceives those who accept what is said.

What the author cannot realize is that his mind is what saved him from his situation once he began to realize that the only solution to his problem is to get separated from his mind as he is no longer can handle his mind.

When a person is suppressed for long time and surrenders to his pain; other aspects in his life will be badly affected and hurt that will put him under torment which eventually will force him to wake up from self-destruction.

A happy person doesn't need these guidelines and it's better for him not to read about it, because going through it; it will be easily digested and adopted that he will start thinking and worrying about it, and it will cause malfunction to his perceptions that would disturb the smooth managing of his psychological processes.

When a person concentrate on the basic element of a system which are supposed to perform spontaneously; the system will be disturbed.

Normal person lives a balanced life that would ensure those elements discussed by the author would come naturally without the need to be aware about it.

The person will be satisfied and relatively happy if he acts by his nature without the influence of outside source while maintaining good relation with himself, God, family, friends, neighbours, relatives, co-workers, and anyone he paases-by and most important that he treat himself with what he needs from relaxation, rest, challenge, worship, taking responsibilities, love, passion and sport.

A man would reach equilibrium and balance in his life if he is left to live on his nature, outside force would cause imbalance leading to suffering, pain and disorder.

No one will experience the joy and happiness that the author is living by following his instructions only those who had similar life since they are the one who lived and had feeling of this experience of pain and suffering, having a break away from thinking is painkiller that they need badly.
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