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Jun 01, 2011

it was amazing
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Recommended to Rain by: Saw an ad on Barnes & Noble
Recommended for: EVERYONE! Or those able to handle shounen-ai.
Read on June 01, 2011 , read count: 6

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this manga! It is so much fun! It's mostly crack... but that's okay! There's nothing wrong with reading crack! The intro to this manga series was just amazing, the characters are hilarious and caring, and the world building was great! I love how everything just seemed to flow so well. I can read this manga over and over and never get tired of it!

Lee Chi Hyong did a great job with telling this story. The dialogue of the characters are so silly you just can't help but laugh at it most of the time. Hyong also went in depth with describing how the demon system works and also did a fantastic job with explaining what mezraez is and how it works. I was really taken in with the world and its beauty. Speaking of beauty, Kara, the illustrator, did an amazing job with the artwork. I'm telling you, the artwork is so beautiful! Highly detailed and pleasing to the eye. Even when she draws in chibi version, she makes it stand out. Plus, it's just so cute! <3

Yes, I found the story intriguing but what made the story for me was the characters. God, I love these characters! Raenef, the main character and demon lord, is just so adorable! He's a little... slow but that only adds to the charm of his character. He's not your average demon lord as he's very kind and forgiving. He cares deeply about those surrounding him, especially Eclipse. Eclipse is Rae's servant. He is considered to be one of the most powerful demons in the Demon Realm. He's cold, heartless, and a bit of a grump but... being with Raenef softens that coldness about him. He tends to get frustrated easilly with Rae but that's only because he cares about him and wants him to be the best demon lord ever. These two grows from where they are now to something so much more by the end of the series (I would know, this is my sixth time reading through it. XD). Even by the end of this volume, you see how Eclipse slowly warms up to Raenef. It's very sweet! There aren't many supporting characters in this volume, they come later. However, you are introduced to a knight to who becomes one of the main characters in this series but I will not talk about the character in this review since the knight only appears for only a few short pages.

In this volume comes two short stories as well by Soome Lee with illustrations by the same artist. Crystal Heart was a very good but sad story. I quite enjoyed the aspect of one's love crystallizing into a gem so that one day you will be able to give it to your true love. It's a very sweet thought... if you didn't have to give up something in return. Now, I won't say what it is but let's just say that the Crystal Heart was given up for someone who doesn't deserve it. I mean, the main person who receives it deserves it but the one who's going to get it after that doesn't... I hope that makes sense. If it doesn't then... just read the manga and you'll see for yourself. Anyway, I love the characters! Monika is so protecting! He would do anything for those he cares about. He even stopped a perv from doing something really bad to Mano! I love him! Speaking of Mano, he's just a sweetie. He is so dedicated to Monika and he does something that one won't ever be able to forget. I shall always love him. Lilith... she's a bitch and deserves to die. That's all you need to know. All-in-all, this story was amazing. It's tragically beautiful.

The second short stroy is called Terra. I'll admit that I like this story, too. The concept about there being a goddess to protect the Earth from becoming completely polluted was an excellent idea. However, I felt that it wasn't executed perfectly. It was interesting but a bit dull compared to the rest of the manga. We don't get a huge sense of what's going on and why the characters are doing what they are doing. We don't even get to know who the characters are. I know it's a short story but in Crystal Heart I felt we got to know the characters in just a few pages. Not so much in this story. Jen is a guide for Vice and they are... well, I can't say what they are doing because that'll give everything away. Just know that Jen is goofy and Vice is the quiet-type. That's all you get to know about them.

Despite this last short story, I really, really, REALLY love this manga! It is so worth the read for anyone! Well, no. I can't say anyone. There are hints of shounen-ai and if you are not into that then maybe you won't like this manga. However, the main focus is Raenef becoming a powerful demon lord and not the romance between the two male leads so I think you should check it out just in case. It has great action, comedy, drama, and, for those who can handle it, romance. Seriously, this was the first manga I ever bought when I was a child and I do not regret it one bit! If you can, try to get your hands on a copy! It's worth it! ^_^
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06/01/2011 page 1
1.0% "Yes! I decided to broaden my horizens and finally start reviewing manga since I've loved them since the age of tweleve! God, manga is so entertaining! Anyway, I decided to start with this cute little guy right here! This was the first manga I have ever collected and I thought it appropriate to review it first! I cannot wait to read this again! ^_^"
06/01/2011 page 20
10.0% "Oh yeah... that's VERY intimidating, Raenef... XDDDDDDDDDDDDD I love seeing how frustrated Eclipse gets with him. They are so cute!!! *Sighs happily* I sure did miss these guys~"
06/01/2011 page 27
14.0% "Oh, looks like someone's attracted to some else~ X3"
06/01/2011 page 37
19.0% "Awww! This page is just cute~ I love seeing these two together! On another note, Raenef is going to be the death of Eclipse! XD Rae is just so clueless and Eclipse... well... it's amazing he hasn't keeled over already! XD"
06/01/2011 page 40
21.0% "I would totally react like Eclipse if I went through the same thing. The poor guy... oh well. At least he has Raenef! (I keep updating this thing like no tomorrow! I just love this manga so much! I have a comment for almost every single page! XP)"
06/01/2011 page 45
23.0% "PFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! Excellent way to get someone to pay attention to your class. Just smack the crap outta of them! XD God, I love Eclipse! X3 I must say... the reaction afterwards was very Tseng-like... O_o"
06/01/2011 page 51
27.0% "XD Raenef pointing out the "vein pops" was just hilarious. And Ecplipse... *Smiles serenly* He looks beautiful when he smiles... and just plain ass cracky when he laughs! XD"
06/01/2011 page 54
28.0% "Looks like someone's in LOVE~~~~~~~ *Swoons* Been so long since I read this and even longer since I've read anything remotely similar to shounen-ai! I MUST READ MORE! NOW!!! >:3"
06/01/2011 page 68
35.0% "Enter Erutis! One of the coolest characters ever created! And in this point of the series, not who you would expect! X3 By the way, the drawing before this page was absolutely gorgeous! The artwork throughout the entire manga is goreous! Rain approves! *Thumbs up*"
06/01/2011 page 72
38.0% "Awww! Poor baby... I know. People are asswipes. It's okay! Eclipse will love you and play with you! <3"
06/01/2011 page 82
43.0% "Erutis: "Over there! What's that!?" -What kind of idiot would fall for that old trick?-
Raenef: "Huh? Where!?" -THIS kind of idiot-

One of my favorite parts in the manga! XDDDD"
06/01/2011 page 89
46.0% "Oh Eclipse~ Your love has you distracted~ It's adorable~ *Giggles*"
06/01/2011 page 106
55.0% "Heh! Erutis (Oh wait... you guys don't know the name of the knight yet... uh... oops? SPOILER! XD) thought said knight was clever~ But Eclipse is always one step ahead~ *Dreamy sigh* I love that demon. He's so sexy!!! *Flails*"
06/01/2011 page 114
59.0% "Well, the actual first volume story of "Demon Diary" is over. Eclipse was so cute with how he was worried over Rae. And that whole hair pulling thig? That was all time cuteness right there! Oh! And the fact that he stood with him for the night! ADORABLE! I love this manga!!! <3 Now, it's time for me to read the first of the two short stories. That being "Crystal Heart." ^_^"
06/01/2011 page 127
66.0% "Crystal Heart by Soome Lee. I remember this story... it makes me upset that Monika did everything for that girl and she just ends up being a bitch. Mano is much more suitable to be his lover! That's all I'm saying!"
06/01/2011 page 134
70.0% "Ew. That man is such a pig. He's so vile, vulgar, disgusting!!! What? He can't find himself a girl? The sick bastard. -_-""
06/01/2011 page 136
71.0% "Hot damn! Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! There should be more of this hanging around! (Too bad this is the only one you get to see throughout the entire manga series. *Pouts*)"
06/01/2011 page 147
77.0% "End of Crystal Heart. Damn I hate this story. It makes me angry... now I just want to kill someone... or better yet, kill Lilith! She's a no good whore who deserves to die! Slut... Mano and Monika forever baby! <33333333"
06/01/2011 page 161
84.0% "Terra by Soome Lee. This story is interesting and cute. And don't worry Jen, seeing Vice in all those layers makes me sweat, too. Especially since it's summer. >_<"
06/01/2011 page 192
100.0% "End of Terra. I like this story but it was a bit weird... I understood it but it just came off as strange. *Shrugs* Oh well! I finished the first volume! And it was freaking awesome! I do so love this manga with all my heart. It was the one that spark my love for collecting manga! <33333"
07/14/2016 marked as: read

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message 1: by N.T. (new)

N.T. Embe *Laughs* It's been -ages- since I remember reading this when you lent it to me! I remember Eclipse reminding me of Tseng too, and I remember Raenef being just... *Snorts, covers her mouth and then bursts out laughing anyway* He's such a goof! Although perhaps not as much as some of the characters that come in the later volumes. ;D

AND OMG ERUTIS. GAAAAAAAAAAAASSSPPPP. Yes, you know FULL WELL how much I ADORE that character. Not to mention a future, AHEM, ANNOYANCE that will not leave her ALONE~~~ >XD BUT. That will come LATER.

On a side note, nice to see you reviewing manga too! You may just inspire me to do the same someday soon. *Laughs* And I know what manga I'd want to start with! It's a shame I don't have the entire series yet. I hope they finish it! But that too will be a discussion for another time and place. <3 Loved the review! I know they'll get better the more you read! Looking forward to them! ^__^

Rain Misoa Yeah, I didn't want to say too much because a lot of what happens comes in future volumes! So I had to be very careful to not spoil anything in my review. (Although, Erutis' name was a spoiler. It's too late to take it back now! XD) I do so love this manga! I can't wait to continue! ^_^ Yeah, Eclipse and Tseng and quite similar. He did something in the manga that made me go, "Holy crap... it's just like my husband!" XD

Also, I DO know which manga you are talking about! You really should do a review of it one day. When you come over this summer, that's what I'm going to do once I read it. Even if it's not my favorite, I figured I should do it anyway. *Smiles* It seems entertaining enough! I am sooooo excited! *Flails*

message 3: by N.T. (new)

N.T. Embe *Laughs* Well things happen! But a name itself is hopefully not too great. Other things have been worse. Like when Volume 7 of Death Note got spoiled for me. You know what part I'm talking about. *Sighs and hangs her head* ...that was the worst spoiler I ever got out of a manga series ever. >_< Horrible!

And Rain, my friend, I -will- review it! It may just end up being my first one, for I do not own many series, and yet I have a fair share of manga on my bookshelf. They're all my sister's, but I've read some of them, and reading them through once more may not be a bad idea in times to come! I will definitely think about it. :3

P.S. You should do Blank Slate after Demon Diary and Fruits Basket. X3 <3

Rain Misoa Yeah... that will forever be the shittiest way for something to get spoiled. >_< I would never want any of that to happen to anyone ever! Which is why I am always so careful not to spoil anything!

And dude, I cannot wait! You should definitely read those other ones and add it to the MANGA LIST! X3 Besides, i would like to see what you think about them and maybe, if I like them, I shall read them, too!

Oh, I will~ It is on my list of manga. *Smirks* I am looking forward to reading that one again. Mwahahahahahahahahaha~

message 5: by N.T. (new)

N.T. Embe *Nodnods* I did my best to do the same during even my status updates for Lord of the Rings. I don't want to ruin the story at all for anyone. I mention things, but no one will know what's really going on until they get to that point themselves. *Smiles* I don't want to ruin something I feel is so worthwhile.

And I will! I think I'll do like you and make a separate bookshelf for Manga specifically. Not all people are fans of it, and I would rather people had a choice between manga and actual books, especially if they only read one or the other. It only makes sense to me, for other people's convenience. Besides, you can't really mingle the two in my opinion. They are quite distinct and should be counted as separate categories, as far as I'm concerned, though they're both things to read nonetheless. <3

And yay for re-reading wonderful series! <3 No matter how short. ^__^

Rain Misoa Yeah! I noticed! Reading your updates made me go "Uh... what!?" XD But I will soon find out what is going on with this series. I will soon read~ Just as long as I finish my manga reading right at the moment. Demon Diary and THEN Fruits Basket! Hoo-Ha!

Do it! Manga deserves to have its own self~ <33333333 Books are awesome but manga needs to have some recognition as well. So yeah! I really do recommend making another shelf just for manga.

message 7: by N.T. (new)

N.T. Embe *Chuckles* And then I can finally have a friend to discuss this old, old love of mine with! That will be great indeed. <3 Because I know you too will love it just as much. ^__^

And yes! Those are my feelings too. <3 I will do the same, the day I pick up a manga to review. :3

Laura *cough*this is manhwa*cough*

Rain Misoa Laura wrote: "*cough*this is manhwa*cough*"

I know that now, years later. Wrote this back when I didn't know the difference. XP

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