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Scars by Cheryl Rainfield
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May 31, 2011

really liked it
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Read from June 23 to 24, 2011

This is one of those books that you just know, going into it, that it is NOT going to be an easy read....but it was even harder to put it down....

Fifteen year old Kendra is falling apart inside. She was sexually abused, that much she knows. What she doesn't know is by whom, or for how long. Every time the memories start to flood back the important detail, his face seems to elude her. But the details she is left with is enough to drown her, and the way she can seem to get some relief from all the internal scars is to cut. Cutting them open until they bleed away....at least until the next time.

This book takes you through the journey of what it is like for a victim of a pedophile. It will leave you gasping and cringing. Constantly looking over your shoulder, around the corner, under the bed, anywhere for clues to who did this to this poor little girl. And once you figure it out it will leave you.....seething. Over all this book handles so many issues, issues that need to be handled, and I thank Ms. Rainfield for that. I fell in love with Kendra from the very first page. The thoughts she has are real, and true. Her torment is palatable. You will want nothing more than to hug her, love her, take her pain away.

If you, or anyone you have ever known, is dealing with sexual abuse, cutting, or homosexuality, I would say this is a must read. For parents, teachers, therapist, or victims...there is something in here to help you. Just please know that this isn't all sugar-coated, and covered with sprinkles. This is the real deal, and therefore hard to read. But then again the truth always is...that is what makes this book that much better....the truth behind it all.
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06/23/2011 page 25
10.0% "Deep breaths...I'm gonna struggle with this one"
06/24/2011 page 80
32.0% "Good but.....hard, just hard"
06/24/2011 page 124
50.0% ""For the first time in a ling time, I feel like Mom loves me. Or at least she's trying to.""
06/24/2011 page 226
91.0% ""And though there's such sadness inside me, there's a lot of relief in there too. Because I know who I can turn to whenever I need comforting, help, or love. I know it won't be mom, and I'm actually ok with that now. ""
06/24/2011 page 248
100.0% "And like a band aide ripped away..:.it's over. Review to coem"

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