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1984 by George Orwell
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Alrighty, I am going to be completely honest at the beginning I completely hated this book. I thought it was extremely boring and very hard to get into. I still stand by that, but even with this book being extremely slow there is honestly so much to appreciate within this book. Character development alone is something that I must applaud the author on. The main character Winston is extremely arrogant in many ways; especially in his view of women towards the beginning. As the story progresses we see a deeper underlining of the question of why he may be this way towards women. Whether it be the way he holds on to this hidden disgust of how he treated his mother, and sick sister, or maybe it was the way his marriage had failed miserably we come to see that he isn't a total lost cause when Julia arrives in the picture. At the moment in which, this affair takes off, it's almost as if a flip was switched within Winston and we see his ability to have the feeling of desire, and some may even say, love. I at first was disgusted in the way Winston, almost seemed a savage towards women. Though the more I read I began to understand it for more than what it appeared to be on the outside. For an example, within the book 1984, by George Orwell the main character at one point states, "Listen. The more men you've had, the more I love you. Do you understand that?" to which Julia replied, 'Well then, I ought to suit you, dear. I'm corrupt to the bones." At first reading this I was in a way disgusted until looking at it in relation to the undeniable theme, and the way that Winston number one desire was to go against the party. So, once I looked at it deeper it was not just the plain fact she slept around a lot, it wasn't even that idea at all, but rather the fact that each and every single time Julia had a sexual relation with someone, more importantly, the Inner Party she was making a direct stand against the government itself. To which I believe was the real appeal to Winston, and in a sense "turned him on". I am a firm believe that he himself wish he had that power to have gone against the party that many times, right under their noses, making it not a scum remark, but rather a remark of admiration. As you read more and more it becomes almost a scary realization that thing in this book could easily happen in the future. So my final thoughts are even though it is extremely slow, and at times seems completely pointless to read, if you look past the surface there are many lessons that can and will be learned from it, and is most definitely worth the read. What I truly admire most about this book is that it doesn't have a happy ending like almost every book nowadays, and that's true life in a sense, you would think without a happy ending you would feel sad, but in actuality you feel at peace because no words are truer than that spoken of by Winston in Part 2, Chapter 3, pg. 137, "We are the dead."
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16.46% "So far I am not impressed with this book. It is super slow, and can also be hard to follow. When reading this book you need to fully be paying attention or you could easily become confused. At this moment I just got pass the part of the main character Winston retells a "dream" of watching his mother, and sister sinking in a ship looking up at him. These dreams are intriguing, and make me want to know learn more."
August 18, 2016 –
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33.54% "Alright, I may be hating this book a tiny bit less. Although I find the main character Winston ignorant, and a bit cocky the more and more he commits thought crimes, I have found ways that I am beginning to appreciate his actions. To begin with, unlike the majority of the people in this book who are in a sense "walking zombies" created by the Party Winston actually has is own personality by writing his thoughts."
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