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The Day the Falls Stood Still by Cathy Marie Buchanan
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May 31, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: historical-fiction

Please! Come talk to me about the ending after you've read the book!!
Favorite Quotes: 'In those clouds I have seen aberrations-flecks of shimmering silver, orbs of color a shade more intense than their surroundings. I have seen them more than once, and I haves decided they are prayers, mine and everyone else's, too.'

'“There’s something more, too. There are moments, usually on the river. It’s nothing I know how to explain.”
I watch him, filling with wonder. ..I am not so quick to rule out mystery and magic. I like the astonishing and do not doubt that it exists.'

'“Grief isn’t something to get over. It stays with you, always, just not so raw.”'

'Tom touches my hair. “Believe in me, Bess.” I look up at his face, and I see tears in his green river eyes, or maybe it is only sweat. I cannot say for sure.'

'At that moment, I wanted faith and heaven and God as never before. I wanted my brokenhearted son to believe our existence was not trivial, something to be snatched away on a whim. I want him to believe his father would be with him, always, in the way Fergus had been with Tom.'

'I have stood at the brink of the falls, that thin line that separates eternity from time. I have looked for aberrations in the rising mist, those flecks of shimmering silver, those orbs of color a shade more intense that their surrounding that I had once seen from my window seat. I have counted to ten before opening my eyelids, and let my gaze become unfocused, and crossed and uncrossed my eyes, and waited in the mist until I was soaked through to the bone, until it finally occurred to me that faith is believing without proof. Someday I would stop needing proof.'

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