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Worlds of Honor by David Weber
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May 31, 2011

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Picked this up when I realized I wasn't patient enough to get into the latest Honor book. It's a quick read, and most of the stories are fairly well done.
Most revolve around or at least feature treecats, easily Weber's most imagination-grabbing invention.
Only one of the guest authors was (allowed? brave enough?) to touch Weber's characters: Jane Linkskold's story about Elizabeth Winton's first days as queen at least tied with Weber's tale of the first 'cat adoption of a princess as best in the collection. Linksold has Weber's style down cold, down to the frequent changes of POV and bits of political intrigue: I would have believed it was him writing.
Weber's other story concerning the first time Honor and Susan's paths intersected was good, but the two solid pages Weber required to explain the educational and recreational opportunities or lack thereof on a certain obscure mining station - that wasn't even central to the story! - reminded me why I wasn't eager to grab the next full novel in the series. Green's story of a dirt-side shooting war on an obscure planet between Manticore, Erewhon, the Peeps, and - oh yes - a few concerned locals was both practically incomprehensible and essentially pointless. (Oh, but isn't all war pointless?!) Anyway, it brought the collection down in my opinion: skip it and stick to the nice cuddly 'cats.
Worth a read if you are a fan and committed reader of the Harrington series, but none of the stories stand on their own if you're not familiar with the world.


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