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Dead on the Delta by Stacey Jay
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May 31, 2011

really liked it
Read on May 31, 2011

OK so Annabelle Lee aka 'Lee-Lee' by her bf Cane is not your usual heroine. She's a borderline alcoholic who pops sleeping pills every night and rides around town on a push bike. But for some reason Stacey Jay has managed to make it work.

I really enjoyed this book, this is set in modern times but there is one small problem...there are killer mutant fairies running around. After reading this book I now get a cold shiver when the word 'fairy' is mentioned. These little bastards are like big mosquitoes that suck human blood, they are also very poisonous to 95% of the worlds population. If bitten you either die instantly, have your limbs deform or go batshit times! Annabelle is also that 5% that is immune.

We start the book off with a pretty gruesome scene, Annabelle has gone into the swamp that only immune's can travel in to investigate a body found, it's a little girl, in specific one that has gone missing recently. This is not in her usual scope of work though, her job requires her to collect fairy samples from the swamp and look out for breeze houses which are basically crack houses. But something is off about this murder, people are acting weird and then Annabelle starts getting targeted...there seems to be more than just murder behind it all.

Then we have Annabelle's two love interests, she is currently dating a gorgeous black police officer *drools a little bit* He is the sweetest, more caring guy in town. There relationship is also frowned upon because Annabelle is a white girl with red hair. Her bf Cane doesn't care though and lets everyone know how much he loves her. Then there is her ex who comes to town who is named Hitch, he is also currently dating a beautiful FBI officer. At times I wanted to strangle Hitch, he could be so obnoxious, petty and downright mean. Other times he shows how much he genuinely cared for Annabelle and maybe still does. There past is murky and painful but they were each others first loves which is kinda hard to beat. I am still firmly in camp 'Cane' though.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, there is still things that have not been resolved that will no doubt carry onto the next book but I'm very happy with how this ended. Great start to a new series.
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Stacey Jay
“Smells like homeless man's crotch. Not that I've ever been up close and personal with a homeless man's crotch, but...”
Stacey Jay, Dead on the Delta
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05/31/2011 "First page "Smells like homeless man's crotch. Not that I've ever been op close and personal with a homeless man's crotch, but..." Loved it! *chuckle*" 1 comment

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