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Beautifully Wounded by Susan Griscom
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did not like it

Where shall I even begin? I am sorry to say this, but I hated the main character in the beginning. I was close to giving up because she annoyed me that much. And I'm sorry but this book / the story is very illogical at times. Also, there's nothing positive to say about the romance cause really there's only some instalust and instalove and instatrust which can in no way be considered believable.
And the rest about this novel (like the romance) is just so goddamn cliché. But what probably annoyed me most is how the characters are either black or white, with no shades of grey in between. They are either good or bad and that's it - nothing like in real life.

Now, I only have one last (though important) thing to criticize. This novel is about domestic violence which means there's rape and other types of physical violence that the main character has to endure from her husband. So having experienced this, the MC is obviously traumatized and NO you don't just meet a nice guy and yay you're already over everything you experienced only a few weeks ago. To overcome abusive experiences like these there's therapy needed and a lot of time. So the way this situation is portrayed in this novel is not how it is in reality. And this makes me a little furious cause if you write a book about domestic violence you shouldn't simply use it to give the romance some background story. There is more psychological depth needed to do something like this justice. Domestic violence is something that - unfortunately - occurs far more often that you'd think and I'm glad there are books focusing on this topic. Unfortunately, this novel doesn't really treat this topic in the way it should be treated and with too little depth and profound psychological background.

*Spoiler* I have the same complaint about how murder out of self defense (or was it really self defense??) is treated in this novel. Like it doesn't really affect you that much or has any real consequences at all.

So, no I didn't like this book. In fact, it only annoyed me and made me kind of furious.
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