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Oracle's Moon by Thea Harrison
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May 30, 2011

really liked it
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Read in February, 2012

4.5 stars

Grace Andreas has never wanted to get mixed up with the happenings or creatures of the Elder Races. When her older sister is killed, Grace not only is given the responsibility of taking care of her two small children but also the Power that has now made her the Oracle. But Grace has received some unexpected, and unwanted, help from a Djinn. Khalil is one of the most powerful beings of the Demonkind and he has made it his business to protect the children and Grace from an unknown threat that's after her whether she likes the idea or not.

I found Grace to be a fantastic heroine. Despite being young herself and suffering from physical pain that she received in the car crashed that killed her sister, Grace treats Chloe and Max like they're her own. Even with her financial problems, she's able to make ends meet while trying to figure out how to also be the Oracle she's expected to be. There's a lot of unwanted responsibilities placed on her shoulders and I think a lesser person would have crumbled under the pressure. I loved that she was resourceful and strong and I was impressed that despite how independent she is, she knew when it was time to accept help from Khalil.

Khalil has no secret agenda when it comes to Grace and the kids. He has a fondness for children and just wants to make sure they're safe. He's somewhat taken back that Grace does not willingly accept his assistance right away and learns even with someone as powerful as himself, he needs to follow rules and negotiate if there's something he doesn't like. Khalil is everything there is to like in a hero. Handsome, strong, honorable and has a presence that comes off of the pages and like Grace, he knew when it was time to stand his ground and when it was time to be flexible. Nothing not to like about the male.

Grace and Khalil's relationship isn't hot and heavy from the start. A foundation of trust and understanding is first built between the two before romantic feelings came into play. Even then, I found their relationship to be more sweet and emotionally substantial than something that relied heavily on their physical chemistry. Sure, a little more heat between them would have been nice but their love for each other and the children felt genuine and I was more than satisfied with that.

Grace is learning what it means to have the Power of the Oracle and uncovers where it all came from. I honestly didn't care about any of this. It was all well written of course, it was just more of a personal preference so I skimmed over most of these parts. With the exception of a still unclear yet startling vision she had for my series favorite, the great beast Dragos Cuelebre, nothing all that important to the series happens in this book. It was more about Grace and Khalil's developing relationship and I can't say I would have wanted it any other way.

I have enjoyed the other books in the Elder Races series but this is my favorite book since Dragon Bound. Grace has a certain vigor and determination to her that I instantly respected and I loved Khalil's willingness to adapt for the sake of adorable children who had him wrapped around their little fingers. As far as I'm concerned, the next book in the series, which will be Dragos and Pia's, cannot be released soon enough. This has quickly become one of my favorite paranormal romance series and if you're interested in starting it, I HIGHLY suggested going back to book one.
- Stephanie

The tragic accident that killed her sister and brother in law had left Grace badly injured and her life turned upside down. Having inherited two young children and the power of the Oracle, a power she has no idea how to control wasn’t enough, now Grace Andréa’s has a house guest she can’t seem to get ride off. To her annoyance the children even seem to like the “ the bane of her existence” . No matter what she says the stupid Djinn will not leave, and if anything could be worse his presents seems to sooth her and make her feel safe. She has no business feeling anything for this man but that doesn’t stop her body from reacting to him any time he is near. But all Djinns only do things that benefit them self’s, how can she let go and trust someone when she has the children to think of?

Khalil can’t fathom what has drawn him to this most aggravating human. There is just something about her that interests him , which is rare when your parents were created when the world was created. There is no denying the pull of the children they are innocent and fragile and at first that is his excuse for sticking around. But then he finds that even when he is fighting with Grace his is happier than he has ever allowed himself to be. But her life is a fragile human life how can he attach himself to one who will only live a fraction of his life, but the real question is now that he has found her how can he live without her?

I loved this story . Grace is fiery and suborn but not so much that she annoyed me. She has a fun spunk that kept everything interesting. She fit nicely with Khalil they work very well together. I loved Khalil, he was very alpha male with all the power to back it up. He even when out of his way to help her when he had no reason. He called in all of his debts just to help her, something no one ever seen before. Then when this small fragile woman stood up to his father, wow that just stole his heart all over again.

There was action and romance through the book. Even when it was just about the kids and Khalil or Grace I was still glued to the book. It kept me engrossed the whole book through..

There is a great set up for the next book and I for one will be happy to see more of Khalil and grace along with Pia and Dragos. This should prove to be just as an amazing book as all the others.
- Athenna
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