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Winging It by Deborah Cooke
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May 30, 2011

really liked it
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3.5 stars

Just weeks away from her sixteenth birthday, dragon shifter Zoe Sorensson can't catch a break. Zoe's best friend knows she's keeping something from her and it's causing a rift in a once strong friendship, her parents are having marital problems and the cute rocker who makes Zoe's heart race won't return her messages. But she has little time to dwell on this. The Mages' have devised a new plan and set their sights on Zoe. Zoe and her fellow Pyr will need to quickly come up with a way to stop them from not only destroying dragons, but all shifters.

It's been months since Zoe first shifted into her dragon form and uncovered a plot by the Mages to eliminate all species of shifters. Her birthday is coming up and things have only gotten more complicated. She isn't allowed to tell her best friend Meagan what she is because of rules set by her father that all Pyr must follow or face the possibility of exile. This is putting some major tension on their friendship that has only gotten more rocky since the arrival of the new girl Jessica. Relationship wise, Zoe wants desperately for there to be something between her and the older boy Jared she met while at Pyr boot camp but he seems set on keeping his distance. All the while Derek, one of her classmates, has started to show more and more interest in Zoe. I honestly didn't really care about any of this. All of the scenes were well written, it's just I'm not a fan of teen drama and high school politics. What kept me interested were the events involving the Mages and shifters.

I love Deborah Cooke's dragons. They're beautiful, strong and love and protect with a passion that always makes for a great read. In this series, she has opened up her world to include a few other species, all of which are in danger from the Mages. With the complete annihilation of a species, the Mages become more powerful and come closer to bringing back the stronger of their kind. Having signed an agreement with them, the older Pyr don't believe that they're up to anything so it falls onto the younger generation to discover what the Mages are up to and find a way to stop them before they do irreversible damage. The Pyr boys are just as likable as their fathers but Zoe stands out among the pack. Well, whenever she's not dealing with boy or best friend drama. Zoe is the Wyvern, only female who has powers beyond the others of her kind. Problem is she hasn't come into most of her powers and has no how to guide but I thought she really manged to hold her own against the stronger Mages. Zoe's intelligent, brave and loves nothing more than being a dragon and she uses this to outsmart her enemies and become a better Wyvern. She's quite impressive and you know she's only going to get better.

Though I wasn't a fan of the high school drama, I still found a lot to like in Winging It. The Mages have wicked things in store and it's up the Zoe, her Pyr friends and new allies to stop them before it's too late. Zoe really steps up to the plate and takes on a responsibility that would make an older person hide in fear. No matter the reader's age, Zoe's worthy of admiration and I can't wait to see what adventure she takes us on next.

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