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Heart of the Wolf by Terry Spear
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May 30, 2011

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bookshelves: paranormal-romance, virgin-heroines, wolf-shifter

Heart of the Wolf
3 Stars

The sole survivor of her red wolf pack, Bella is rescued by a grey wolf male and adopted into his pack. Unfortunately, she is soon forced to flee when the pack alpha sets his sights on her and becomes a serious threat. Years later, Bella comes face to face with her past and Devlyn, the wolf who saved her, when circumstances bring them together once again.

Starts out really well with an interesting story and characters with sizzling chemistry. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse with the addition of several improbable subplots.

Bella is a strong-willed and independent heroine. However, the fact that she has no faith in Devlyn's abilities made me like her less. Devlyn, however, is simply gorgeous and the fact that he is constantly walking around naked in a big plus, lol!

The werewolf mythology has potential, especially with the inclusion of traditional wolf characteristics and behaviors. However, the explanation of their origins is very sketchy and underdeveloped. Moreover, the overly obsessive and sexist nature of the wolves becomes aggravating after a while. Every wolf in the book is determined to "claim" Bella whether she likes it or not, and this is just annoying.

The writing flows smoothly and the dialogue is good but the plot becomes excessively convoluted with too many storylines that are never fully realized. Moreover, the resolution of the serial killer plot is ultimately unsatisfying. The sex scenes also become repetitive and superfluous and add nothing to Bella and Devlyn's relationship.

The secondary characters don't contribute much and even the hints at the next book don't sound that promising - the hero is a red wolf and after they are completely ridiculed in this one, I'm not that certain that I will be continuing.

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