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Stranger with My Face by Lois Duncan
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Mar 07, 2008

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bookshelves: teen, clean, fantasy, mystery, some-romance, suspense, ladies

Laurie Stratton has just finished her summer vacation with a new boyfriend and a new set of friends in the popular crowd. When her boyfriend claims to have seen her on the beach when Laurie was sick at home in bed, she thinks he’s either lying or mistaken. But then her sister Meg claims to have seen her outside her window, and Laurie starts to get the feeling that someone is watching her. That someone is her identical twin Lia, who was separated from Laurie at birth when both girls were put up for adoption and Laurie was taken home by the Strattons. Lia is visiting Laurie through astral projection, where her spirit can leave her body and go anywhere she pleases. Lia wants Laurie to try it too, but Laurie’s friend Helen thinks it’s dangerous. A series of events unfolds that leaves Laurie to believe Helen is right, and Lia’s intentions may be more than she claims.

The idea of astral projection and an unknown identical twin sister are pretty appealing topics for a teenager, but the best part of this novel is the suspense. At first we wonder who it is that could look so much like Laurie? Then, what is Lia’s story? And eventually, what happened to Helen and Jeff? The worst part of this novel is the blink-and-you-miss it conclusion. It seems Duncan spent a lot of time building up to the ending and realized she was running out of pages. It was very disappointing.

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