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Confessions On An Island by Ayan Pal
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it was amazing

There are three voices in the book. It is all about the Confessions of a man, woman and an island. The tone of the island, baritone and the voice, ever-so-powerful. The tone of the woman, confident, conveying an air of sophistication and authority. While the voice of the man, even so competent. These three voices come together to tell a tale, unraveling it bit by bit, slow and steady. In the odd-numbered chapters, we get to know the story in the voice of either the island or the woman. In the even-numbered chapters, we get to know the story in the voice of either the man or the woman. The novel opens with the island's voice. We know that a woman is abducted by a man. As said earlier, the first (odd-numbered) chapter is narrated by both the woman and the island. The man is bored, and he makes an eyebrow-raising request. He tells the woman that he wants to play the game of the Russian Matryoshka Dolls. One needn't look that up in Google, thankfully. The author has mentioned what it means. It is a series of dolls in decreasing sizes. Since his abductor is a storyteller, he wants her to weave a story based on a story he tells, and that he'd do that same. He says that if he is satisfied by the end of the game, he'd let her go free. Else, she dies. She is up for the challenge. The even-numbered chapters tell the stories of the man and the woman in alternate succession. The author cleverly raises the stakes and also manages to pique the reader's curiosity. The stories intertwine, combine and correlate with each other as the storytellers look into their heart and soul. As each story is narrated, each Matryoshka doll shrinks in size, unlike a not-so-ready reader's gasping mouth. To see that it is the author's debut novel, it's quite surprising. He has spread a plot, sandwiched a bunch of stories neatly, and wrapped it all up, tying a tight knot, leaving no loose ends or loop holes, leaving the readers crave for more. Extra credit must be given to the author's veracity when it comes to detailing about the settings of the stories. Also, the writing style is lucid, easy-to-follow and yet exotic. On the whole, this book is a complete package.
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Ayan Pal Thanks for the wonderful review Aravind! Much appreciated.

Suvayan Sengupta Title: Get ready to be kidnapped into a world of breathless reading!

Author Ayan Pal wonderfully sketched a beautiful South East Asian Island along with a man and a woman on the canvas. In place of a usual suspense, we get exotic settings and a well-spiced (special attraction unleashed for foodies) story with ample thrills that are sure to set a discerning reader on the edge

I personally got glued to it and I bet the readers will find themselves kidnapped to the lone island just like the baffled lady with an unzipped foggy mind questioning what is happening and why. Even when there is an escape at last – though it comes at a price.

The exit route from the harassment has to be fetched out from the Matryoshka Doll game. A game where storyteller is the kidnapper himself and the bestselling author takes the hints from that story to mark up a new one.

The stories indeed draws analogy with the dolls of reducing sizes and one gets into the other. Here the author deftly kidnapped our interest and gifted us this novel with a punch of everything, adding a jerk at the end that’s impossible to predict!

Anyone wishing to play the game of stories by deciphering the scattered clues, grab your copy of ‘Confessions on an Island’ and start an exhilarating journey right away! Highly recommended for seekers of thrill.

message 3: by Nisha (new)

Nisha Mahanta Bordoloi My interest is definitely piqued. I'm getting the book right away.

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