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Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong
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May 29, 2011

really liked it
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The fourth book in this series revolves around Paige Winterbourne, the now ex-Coven leader witch and her boyfriend, Lucas Cortez, half-demon and reluctant heir to the Cortez Cabal.

When Lucas' father the CEO of the Cortez Cabal accidentally on purpose visits Paige whilst Lucas is out at court, he informs her of a nasty situation regarding one of his employees' children. Dana MacArthur was attacked and although she called the Cabal emergency helpline, was left for dead hanging from a tree. She's not yet dead but as her father is not a high enough ranking member of the Cabal's workforce, he is not entitled to an investigation. But Benicio Cortez wants Paige and Lucas to look into it for him instead. He knows Paige will probably go for it as the girl in question is a young runaway witch, about the same age as Savannah, Paige's adopted "daughter".

What starts off as a simple attempted murder investigation turns into a very complex serial killer investigation. A serial killer who has a gripe with all 4 of the cabals and none of the CEOs children are safe any more, and not just the teenage ones either.

With more and more children being attacked, it is only time before someone incredibly important gets killed and Paige and Lucas enlist the help of quite a few of their friends in order to get to the bottom of it. Elena, Clay and Jeremy, the werewolves make an appearance as does Cassandra the vampire. A new friend of Lucas', Jaime Vegas, a semi-famous TV necromancer, who really is a necromancer, helps out as well.

I really enjoyed this book and the pace was incredibly fast. I could hardly put it down! There was never a dull moment and the serial killer was constantly pushing the boundaries. I loved Paige and Lucas' relationship and unlike other reviewers, Paige didn't actually bother me that much. Yeah she was a bit know-it-all at times, but I think a 23 year old woman with a great amount of magical power who was the leader of the American witches Coven, would probably be a bit know-it-all and feisty at times. I loved her face-off with the Fates though!

Cassandra made me giggle as well - she's such a self-centred, doozy of a vampire, but fab nonetheless! And I so want Lucas and his father to make friends again - it's happening slowly, but it will never be great, but it does seem like they both want to try and after what happens at the end I hope they manage to resolve some of their conflicts at least a little. But Hector...grrrr. Now he's one I want to slap! And William too. Jealous little boys!

Looking forward to reading the next book in this series!

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