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The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen by Syrie James
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Mar 06, 2008

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Read in April, 2008

Though I had a difficult time getting started by the end I was engrossed in the discovering the outcome. I can only give it 3 stars b/c after deciding that Jane Austen was writing about her own life in her novels, the author didn't have another original idea. The plot is a combination of different scenes from Scense and Sensibility, P & P, and a smidgen of Emma. As I read the last of it, I almost felt as it the content was stollen from Miss Austen herself. It was interesting to read about the true details of her life, and her travels and possible friends and connections. I've been to the Cottage in Chawton and had a good visual of what was described in the book. If you love Jane Austen, in writing or on film, this book will most likely interest you. Julie?

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Rachel Having some trouble getting into this one. Anyone else tried?

message 2: by Chanelle (new)

Chanelle I haven't tried that one, but I did attempt The Jane Austen Book Club, and couldn't get into that one. Just couldn't get into the characters! So I saw the movie and it wasn't any better. Are you an Austen fan?

Rachel I like Hollywood's translations of Austen. I think she has a hard time developing credible romances, but in the movies, all her heros are heroic and her heroines divine. I just saw PBS's complete Jane Austen and loved Persuasion and Northanger Abby. But in general, her books are too slow moving, and not enough romance. Maybe its not fair to bill her as a romance novelist, but rather as a satirist on 19 century England. My friend Katri Koehle (also on Good Reads) LOVES all her books. Go figure.

What's your take on Austen?

message 4: by Chanelle (new)

Chanelle I can't say that I have a take on Austen. I would like to say that I WANT to read them, but I honestly don't because I have a pre-conceived idea of what they are about and they just don't sound like my cup of tea. I have a friend who loves them all too, and the Anne of Green Gables series and anything else that comes out on the Hallmark channel, but we are very different that way!

Julie OK - maybe i'm just an Austen fanatic, but i'm LOVING this book - i started two days ago and i'm almost finished -i seriously can't put it down! I guess i'm just fascinated by the "what-if's" in her personal life. The movie "Becoming Jane" which focused on her short romance with the Irishman Tom LeFroy intrigued me, and i am finding this second affair with Mr. Ashford even more insightful. I suppose it's the time period and the events in Miss Austen's life that shed more light on her beloved novels - her upbringing, family life, friendships, and flirtations from her own life ring true in each of her novels . . . and don't you agree that these men in her life, those who she felt a true affection and love towards, became her inspiration for the sweet, yet complicated love affairs in her novels?

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