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The Wish Stealers by Tracy Trivas
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May 27, 2011

really liked it
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Trivas,Tracy.(2010)."The Wish Stealers".New York: SCHOLASTIC INC.

Have you ever thought that someone would steal your wishes. Well in this story Giffin finds out that there is such thing as a wish stealer after meeting an old lady named Mariah. After that being a wish steaaler isn't what Giffin thought at all. The author of "The Wish Stealers" Tracy Trivas does a great job at telling the story of Griffin Penshine and her life as a wish stealer.

Griffin Penshine is starting the first day of middle school. A few days before, she meets this old lady named Mariah who gives her this strange shiny penny and more in a box. Her mom is pregnant and she hopes to become an amazing bass guitarist. When she gets the box she finds out that she is a wish stealer because she took the box from Mariah and the stolen wishes in the box. Griffin finds out that she cant wish on good wishes or else the opposite will happen. Soon she all her wishes are becoming the opposite of what happens and she starts to get scared of what will happen.

Griffin discovers that there is a way on how she can get rid of the stolen wishes. Through out the entire book I thought she would never end up finding a way to end the curse because of all the bad things happening to her. My emotions about the book was mixed because of all the things happening to her through out the book.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a great story with a surprising ending on how a girl changes her own life in a way she never thought she would. The book to me would have to be realistic fiction. At the end of the story Griffin meets new people and discovers things she never knew before.

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You wrote a compelling book review and made The Wish Stealers sound really interesting. Good job! I really enjoyed your lead and the relevant details you included about the plot, the main character and the conflict.

Unfortunately, your overall book review had some convention issues that could have been avoided if you spell checked your work and if you read your writing out loud before submitting. Often you will find your own errors that way. Also, make sure whatever details you include in your book review are relevant - her pregnant mother and that she enjoys playing bass guitar probably aren't relevant but may be with further explanation.

I would have to argue that your book is actually fantasy because it includes fantastical creatures who don't really exist such as "wish stealers". You didn't thoroughly explain your opinion here so I'm not convinced this is realistic fiction.

Overall, I think you wrote a really good, solid, interesting book review. Nice work!

~Mrs. McLeod

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