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Turned by Morgan Rice
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May 27, 2011

did not like it

At 150 pages, Turned doesn’t take long to get through, but it also doesn’t give you enough time to completely engage with the characters before leaving you in a cliff hanger. Caitlin’s Mom moves her and her brother Sam, again. Caitlin has lost track of the moves they’ve made and if she didn’t have her brother Sam she would lose her mind and probably just take off because their Mother leaves a lot to be desired in the parenting department. Caitlin is nervous to start at her new school yet again, but fortunately almost instantly she becomes friends with a boy named Jonah. One day while walking home from school she sees Jonah getting jumped by a group of boys, and he is getting punched, kicked and beaten. Caitlin yells at the boys to leave Jonah alone and they turn their attention and their rage to her. Out of nowhere Caitlin starts to feel this power and anger overwhelm her and before she knows it, she is picking the boys off one by one until they can’t move and she gets away. Caitlin doesn’t have a clue what has come over her, but it is obvious to the reader, knowing the synopsis, that Caitlin is starting to turn into a vampire.

Now, I admit that I am intrigued because generally in books, when one suddenly turns into a vampire, it is because they were bitten by another vampire. Or if a character is a vampire, they were born that way… they don’t suddenly become one. They don't suddenly start turning without reason, and have horrible hunger pains they don't undersand out of nowhere. Although my interest was piked regarding this storyline it quickly plummeted and I was disappointed in the story. Let me tell you why…. Caitlin meets a boy named Caleb who rescues her from a group of vampires that are out to punish Caitlin for something she does, although she has no idea it is in violation of vampire code. Caitlin and Caleb know one another for literally a few pages in the story and already she’s throwing around the "L" word and she feels hurt because he doesn’t at first appear to love her. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? They JUST met! There is no build up, no getting to know each other, none of the things that should build up to a confession such as this. Once Caleb then confesses ON THE NEXT PAGE that he does love Caitlin, I admit, this ruined the book for me. It isn't that I'm a pessimist and don't believe in "love at first sight", it is just even then there is a build up or a connection or at least a few dates before confessions of love are being thrown around. I really think that the story would have held my interest longer if there had been more of a build up to the relationship. I mean, not only does Caitlin not know Caleb, but the reader doesn’t get the chance to know him either. Even if Caitlin and Caleb admitted that they felt drawn to one another that would have been entirely different than saying they were already in love.

I am intrigued by the concept and admit to being somewhat curious about where the story is headed. I wonder why Caitlin is suddenly a vampire and what Caleb's agenda is, and what will happen with her friendship with Jonah, but I'm not sure if I'm interested enough to check out the next in the series. The story just seemed rushed and focused on the wrong parts, therefore losing me.

If you've read this book and thought differently, let me know. I know that not every book is meant for every one, so maybe someone has a better feeling about this book than I did. I will say that I really love the cover . It definitely grabbed my attention and made me check out the book.

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Erica Chilson I totally agree with you on everything u said! I borrowed the second book & read it, if it sucked I was only out of my time. It was MUCH better. The storyline was inventive & creative. Not anything I have read before. The only thing cliche about the book was the love between Caitlin & Caleb. It would have been an amazing book if it weren't for that. Not sure why an author has to make this instant love connection in the YA genre. Hell, Caitlin was in love with Jonah & met Caleb a few hours later & was in love with him. So, if u can get past that I would recommend the next book Loved (ironic title) 3/4 of the way she is so infatuated that I want to scream but it wanes after that and becomes tolerable. Nice cliffhanger too!

Jennifer  Howell / Late Bloomer Online Hmmmm maybe I will check it out... maybe....
Thanks for your comment Erica!

message 3: by Tara (new)

Tara I agree with your review. I borrowed books 1-3 from the library after it was recommended to me. I'm still not impressed, but have been curious enough to get this far. My library doesn't have the rest of the series, and I have no intention of wasting money on these books. They are basically something to read while I am waiting for other books to be published. I'm not much in the grammar department, but the errors in these books were so vast that if I had the books instead of an e-copy, I would have been tempted to make corrections in red ink. I have also had to restrain myself from yelling at my e-reader. I am annoyed by the characters, and was flabberghasted when yet another possible love interest for Caitlin was introduced (book 3). If I come across the rest of the series I may read them if I get bored enough, but I won't go out my way.

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