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Richelle Mead's The Dark Swan by Richelle Mead
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May 27, 2011

it was amazing

The Dark Swan. Storm Born, issue #1, an adult comic.
Written by Richelle Mead and Grant Alter.
Art by Dave Hamann

Disclosure: I’ve received this arc version from the the Sea Lion Books Publishing House with a review request.

This is the first comic issue, out of total of four. First half of the Graphic Novel is scheduled for a release in September 2011, followed by the next four comic issues. Second half of the Graphic Novel will be published after that, with another subsequent set of four comic issues.


Eugenie Markham never asked for any of this. Until now, she’s been content with her job as a freelance shaman, battling and banishing Otherworldly creatures.
When a prophecy suddenly makes her the Otherworld’s most popular bachelorette, Eugenie finds herself fighting off unwanted supernatural suitors, as well as the evils that begin emerging from her past…

My take on this comic issue:

The protagonist, Eugenie Markham, is a strong, self-assured, modern young woman, whose job is to battle various supernaturals and send them back to “the other world”. The story starts with Eugenie coaxing a nasty, bulky-looking Keres, an ancient death spirit, out of her client’s snicker. Yep, it’s not a genie-in-a-bottle, but the Keres-in-a-Nike-shoe story. After the initial exchange of some powerful blows, the creature becomes to think he’s got a chance with the girl, and makes her an indecent proposal. This only offends Eugenie and sends her into a serious frenzy. Silver bullets in her gun do enough damage to the spirit to let the girl carve the death symbol on his chest and send him to the Lands of Death.

Next, Eugenie meets up with another client, a young man who tries to find his thirteen-year-old sister, Jasmine, abducted by the fairies over a year earlier. After exploring various ways to get the teenager back, the man seems to think Eugenie is the only one who can help. Eugenie feels suspicious and decides to analyze the situation and discuss it with her stepfather, Roland, before she accepts the assignment. Roland doesn’t seem to be very helpful and Eugenie’s temper flares once again.

Eugenie’s roommate, Tim, a super-hot and a super-broke guy, always surrounded by the willing females, tries to convince her to go out and have some fun, for a change. She’s apprehensive, but right after Tim leaves with three ladies in tow, Eugenie decides to check out one of the bars in the area. There she meets (brace yourself, ladies), even better-looking than Tim, Kiyo, and the evening ends sizzling-hot in his apartment. I must warn you, the illustrator did an impressive job with those bed scenes. The only weird part is when Kiyo scratches Eugenie’s back in the moment of passion – what confused me was not the fact he did that, but the level of damage he posed with just his human (well, maybe not – we’ll see in the next issues if that’s so) nails.

Everything goes back to, more or less, normal until a nasty freeze-monster finds his way to Kiyo’s apartment… but for the rest of the story we must wait until the release of the second issue.

A very entertaining and fun comic from the author of Vampire Academy. Enjoy!
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