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Memoirs Aren't Fairytales by Marni Mann
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it was amazing
Read 3 times. Last read December 17, 2016.

Books are supposed to be fun, educative, make you dream about hero's and rainbows and glitter.
Certain books slap you hard till your teeth rattle and them squeeze hold your throat. THIS is that type of book !!
A pair of innocent high schoolers- Eric and Nicole drive away from their restrictive parents in New Hampshire to Freedom of Boston Massachussets. And why ? they don't have to study or have curfew time or be accountable or choose a path in life other than just bumming it out in front of the TV.
They smoke recreational Marijuana, and potheads that they are, they struggle to make ends meet in their "utopian" life in Boston. They slowly graduate to Shrooms and scorpion bowls, courtesy of Renee . Soon they're snorting cocaine. As life would have it, they don't realise the severity of their situation till one day Eric OD's and is dead. Nicole resorts to Panhandling, Whoring, boosting to support her habit till she gets hooked on Heroin and the spiral downwards is imminent and speedy. She loses people around her one by one.

I wasn’t the same person anymore. I’d stopped caring about everything and everyone. My beliefs— being a good person, treating people with respect, and standing on the right side of the law— had been thrown away when dope entered my life. I’d stolen from innocent people. I’d lied to my family . I’d sold my body.All I cared about was money and dope. I stole and whored out my body just to buy smack, and then I’d shoot up and have to whore it out again. There was nothing fun about being a junkie.I didn’t want to stop using smack. There wasn’t a reason for me to stop. I wasn’t sick, and I wasn’t dying. People took painkillers and antidepressants, and instead, I did heroin . If I wanted to take a day off from dope, I could. I didn’t need help to do that.

The ultimate price she pays is what jolts her back to her senses.

I can't say what my thoughts are about this story.
Am I angry ? At whom- the parents who didn't come after their teenage daughter and took her back resorting to force, if need be ?
At Eric and Nicole? Who though coming from a loving, healthy environment , still sought after a unicorn of " freedom "?
Or at our current state where drugs are so readily available and youngsters smoke weed like "it's no big deal"?
I wanna beat them on their heads with this book
I wanna scream , shout, yell, curse, beat my chest ......but I'm just sat here crying my eyes out with sheer helplessness and frustration !.
Nicole's horizontal journey from NH to Boston is of a few hours and but her vertical downfall into this rabbit hole is of a few years and I keep wishing for a bump or jolt to retard it or stop it. But the NakedTruth is - she's gone !
Her friends are gone, Claire is gone, her baby is gone, her dignity is gone, her shame is gone, her self worth is gone, her health is gone, her brain is her brother is gone.
All that is left is the Dark resin crusted spoon , a syringe , a foil, cooking smack and the warmth travelling through her scabbed, boil infested, scarred, mauled, raped , toothless abscessed body.
I'm a Mom and this broke my heart .
So now the question of how many stars! It's beyond stars , it's beyond reviews, this book is a lesson, a slap on your face.
Sometimes people say they remember a moment exactly when it changed their life ,an epiphany , whether you're a parent or a child. Whoever is reading it- let .this. be. Your .moment !!
Wake up and open your eyes to this book, read it, spread it around, make your kids read it !
Oh the stars? - all there are in this universe

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