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Nicholas's Wolf by Lynn Hagen
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May 27, 2011

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When Nick answers a call to Maverick’s house, the Alpha of the Brac Pack, to treat a little girl with the chicken pocks, he finds himself mated to Jason. Jason is a werewolf who is broken by a past that has stunted his social skills. Luckily, Nick thinks he’s the perfect man to brink the gorgeous wolf out of his shell, especially now that he has the perfect opportunity to start a new life away from his overbearing father.

Jason has had a hard life. He grew up with nothing and no one to love him, so when Nicholas comes along and he finally has something that belongs solely to him, he goes a little overboard with his protectiveness and possessiveness, which was actually rather sweet to read about. My problem with this story is that there was no real depth to Lynn Hagen’s characters. I know that Jason grew up isolated by his father, abused by his first alpha and ignored by everyone else, but that’s it really. I’m sympathetic towards him as a character but when the MCs spend 1/3 of the book apart and then only really have 50 odd pages to get together, discover each other and fall in love, I didn’t really feel enough of a connection to the characters.

Nicholas is a doctor and we’re told he’s very compassionate. He doesn’t want to live in a big city and work in an impersonal hospital because he’d rather be a small town practitioner. But we’re told all of this, added to the fact that Nicholas probably falls in love with Jason faster than the wolf does with his fated mate and his reactions to everything just seemed to be a smile and it also felt like there was something missing character wise. He’s 35 years of age but I was actually rather surprised to hear that. He doesn’t act like a 35 year old man, even if he does seem mature since he’s a doctor.

The only thing that really seemed to define them as people was their exhibitionist streak, which I found rather hard to believe considering how possessive Jason was of Nick. But I guess Lynn Hagen had to add something different to this couple and she decided that was going to be it. Even if it didn’t make any sense considering their personalities.

Though it may not sound like it, I did enjoy this new instalment to the Brac Pack series and hopefully what I felt was missing in this one I’ll find in the next one.
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Heather♥ I was hoping to learn more specifics about Jason's history with his old alpha and why he was punished so severely. It was a missed opportunity to further explain what had happened in his past (with his father too) that made Jason act the way he did. But Nicholas was certainly enthusiastic about having sex with Jason whenever and wherever they could, and that in itself went a long way to helping Jason get past the insecurities that his scars caused. They were good for each other. You know what my parting thought was though? How the heck did a vibrator, cock and dildo all fit in Nicholas' ass at the same time? O_O

Honey Nick was definitely perfect for Jason in the sense that he loved him unconditionally and I did like them together. I just didn't believe that anyone, let alone a level-headed, mature, 35 year old doctor wouldn't even give a second thought to the fact that out of the blue he was attracted to a werewolf who he was going to spend the rest of his life with.

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