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The Red Pony by John Steinbeck
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May 26, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** Alright.. Where do I even start...?

We had to read this for school, and after watching John Steinbeck's biography, I kind of understand. But still. The book was just full of death. And as a reader who happens to be a HUUUGE fan of death, violence, and just general darkness in a story, this book kinda pushed the edges of it. Because I like death, violence, darkness, and pain in a Fantasy setting. This brought it to reality.

In the first Book (its technically the first chapter but for whatever reason we called it the first book), Jody, the main character, starts out learning his father bought him a colt. Which is Red. hence the title of the book.
Creative, John Steinbeck. Creative.

But over a course of several events, the pony gets sick and dies, to which Jody responds by tearing apart a vulture.

Alright. Lets just stop there.

Its the first chapter and the pony is already dead. Stupid.
Then theres the fact you made a young boy tear apart a vulture out of pure rage. Terrible.

The next chapter is about an old man coming to the ranch Jody lives on to die. .... Creepy but lets continue. Jodys dad doesnt like the man, the man secretly has a sword, then the man steals Jodys father's horse and goes to the mountains to die because Jody kept asking about them.
.... Total.. Waste.. Of Time...

THIRD CHAPTER. Jody takes one of his dads horses and gets it bread. YAY Jody's gonna have another pony. But just before the mare delivers birth, the pony gets turned the other way and the mare has to be mutilated and torn apart to get the pony.

Grandpa comes, and grandpa traveled the plains, and never shuts up about it. Jodys dad gets pissed and screams about it, and grandpa hears and is all depressed. To which Jody cheers him up with a glass of lemonade. Except all this happened over the course of maybe 3 days. And they never mention the new pony.

.... What on Earth....?
Over all, the writing was good, John Steinbeck is a fabulous author who knows how to describe a landscape perfectly and vividly without over doing it, and he truely paints a picture in your head.
But just the story... It was written in a hard time in his life, which I mildly understand but still... Over all, not the best book, the story line was random and could have been smother, but the writing ITSELF is beautiful.

The ending is just totally stupid.
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Shayla I concur.

Jessica **ジェシカ* I feel like I've just read the book.

Shayla Good. So now you don't have to waste your time reading the real thing.

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Yeah, I heard that it wasn't that good... :(

Jessica **ジェシカ* @Shayla: heh heh....

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Jordan It sounds like this book made you feel some very strong emotions.

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