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Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton
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May 26, 2011

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** Soul Surfer

It was just a flash of a big shadow, lurking in the water…. Suddenly her arm was gone! Not even panicking, Bethany Hamilton remained calm in the water, while loosing a lot of blood. Just hearing that I was shocked! I saw the movie & read the book “Soul Surfer” - I was glad to be alive. Soul Surfer is about a girl, who was living the dream and thinking that nothing could possibly stop her. When I hear the title “Soul Surfer”, I think of Bethany Hamilton surfing. She is courageous because of her spirit, faith, soul, and facing the magnificent ocean waves. This book also shows her Christianity, and her caring about her friends, family, God, and others.

Bethany surfed ever since she was four years old. She trained to be a professional surfer. I think that she thought, nothing bad would happen to her or affect her loved ones. After the shark bit her arm, most everybody thought that she might never surf again. I thought that in her mind, I would be crying if I were her, and I think at one time she did. Her problem was she had trained to be a surfer and didn’t see this coming. But, she moved on and had to live with it. One advantage that she has had all her life, is her faith. She never gave up her dream of being a surfer. That’s why everyone thinks that she’s a spark of inspiration to live by. She says that, when there are problems in life, you shouldn’t back down. When something comes your way, you persevere. That’s why I think she is an amazing, spectacular, and brilliant person. I started reading this book from June 29th, 2011 - July 6th, 2011.

The genre of this book is an autobiography of Bethany Hamilton and her life. When I read this book, I noticed that she didn’t want to write this book. I’m glad she did, because she is living proof, that you don’t run away from your goal or problem in the game of life. I would recommend this book to anyone, because she got to experience what life has in the impact zone like a wave of life.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Athena: Hi! I hope you are enjoying your summer! I saw you finished this book recently and just wanted to find out if you are using it towards your 4 books for summer reading? If so, please complete the tasks associated with that.


Mrs. McLeod

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Wow! You have written a thoughtful, interesting, compelling book review here! I am really proud of you!

The issues that I noticed that I'd like you to focus on would be comma use and your concluding paragraph was a little confusing. However, what you did well surpasses those issues. Your lead was catchy and had me reading - it roped me in! Your honest reaction to the book also made for a great book review. Those personal connections we make with what we read and then share with others are the "good stuff"!

Awesome job Athena!

~Mrs. McLeod

PS: Please go back into your review and include the day you began reading and the day you finished reading. That way you will get full credit for this book and review. Please reply to this post when you do so. Thanks!

Athena L. Mrs.McLeod,

I updated the review with the dates. I also filled out the tracking sheet, reading log, genre scavenger hunt.
- Athena

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Athena L. wrote: "Mrs.McLeod,

I updated the review with the dates. I also filled out the tracking sheet, reading log, genre scavenger hunt.
- Athena"

Thank you Athena!

Ja'el I thought this was great.

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