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Bite Me by Christopher Moore
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May 26, 2011

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Blah Me.
The only redeeming quality of this final installment in trilogy is the prevalent role of Abby Normal, the bitchy, hysterical, goth valley girl introduced in “You Suck”.
In “Bite Me” San Francisco is plagued with vampire cats, yes, cats. Although there is a peppering of funny moments, the story overall is a dud. This isn’t to say I’ve lost faith in Moore’s writing. To the contrary; I’ve decided I’m obsessed with his sense of humor and I’ve already bought 4 more of his other books. However, it’s obvious in “Bite Me” that Moore didn’t really have much of a story to tell but was obligated to round out the series so he poops out a half assed closer that offers minimal literary stimulation. If I were to compare it to something else I’d say “Bite Me” is like finishing a colorful and sassy three course meal with a plate of sliced fruit and smelly cheese. Blah (rolling eyes and disappointed smirk).

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