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Protector by Elaine Gonzales
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it was amazing

Veronica Farrell grew up in her own clan and she led an extremely protected life. When she was a teenager her parents told her about the condition. Her parents’ generation created a serum because they wanted to slow down the aging process. Instead of slowing it down the serum stops it completely at the age of thirty. The serum also makes people heal faster and prevents them from getting ill. The originals want to keep the serum and the effects that it has a secret. Because of that they all live in clans.

Veronica is really angry about the fact that her parents were keeping secrets and didn't let her know about the condition for so long. She also has a lot of trouble accepting that she had no choice in this matter. Veronica turns away from her parents and finds an outlet for her anger when she joins the protectors. The protectors will do everything in their power to keep the condition hidden from the world. They go to extremes if they have to. Once, during an assignment, Veronica let a man go. She was supposed to stop him from getting away, but one look into his eyes prevented her from doing that.

Many years later Veronica meets Jude again. This time he is not running away from her. Jude has never forgotten Veronica. He has been looking for her for many years but never found her until now. Jude also has the condition, but left his clan so he could live a normal life. Jude and Veronica fall in love with each other very fast. Both of them never knew that an all-consuming love like theirs was even possible.

Veronica isn't an easy person to like. She is calculated, cold and can be brutal when things need to be done. Veronica has never shied away from a challenge and will work as hard as she possibly can to match her strength with that of the male protectors. Veronica has never been able to let her anger go and she is awfully harsh towards her parents. Her actions made me feel like she is brainwashed by the protectors. When she falls in love with Jude she finally shows her softer side. I was wishing for her to open up to Jude. She isn’t a bad person, but she does make terribly bad choices.

Jude is such a sweet man. He loves with his whole heart and he is amazingly trustworthy. Jude is big on honesty and doesn’t hold back when he feels betrayed. He is connected to a group that fights against the protectors. That Veronica is one of them certainly makes things complicated. Will that be their downfall of will they be able to overcome their differences?

Protector is a true must-read. It does have some graphic scenes, so I would not recommend it for the younger readers. Elaine Gonzales has created strong characters with a lot of depth in their personalities. It felt like the characters are real people. Protector is a unique and refreshing story that will keep you interested until the final chapter. The ending surprised me and I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. If you like stories with a lot of action and a fast pace, you will love Protector.

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