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Fruits Basket, Vol. 1 by Natsuki Takaya
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May 26, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: incredible-characters, absolutely-hilarious, excellent-conflict

My best friend and I had begun some strange argument about silver hair on guys, how we came to this is far beyond me. But, for this argument I am extremely grateful, for it led to my discovery of Fruits Basket (She ended up showing me a page depicting Ayame arguing with Yuki).
And I am absolutely in love with this series. I suppose I'll go down my usual list:
The characters, as said in my shelves, are incredible. There is an enormous slew of them, but they are introduced at a slow enough pace, and defined quickly enough, that I can probably name every one that I have seen thus far. Relationships between the charactersare tied up almost immediately, which is something I greatly value in any story. Yuki is by far my favorite, the order following that would be Hatsuharu, Ayame, Kyo and Shigure. Tohru probably doesn't make my top ten, but that's not to say I don't like the flare she brings to this, I like her quite a bit. The friction between characters brings conflict to almost every page, another thing I value.
Since there really isn't much in the way of writing, this section goes to the art and the dialogue. Which I love. I've really only glanced through other manga books, such as Initial D or Angelic Layer, and I find that the art here is my absolute favorite. The drawings here look like manga, and what I expect from manga. As far as dialogue goes, it's great. If this book was nothing but dialogue, no pictures, I would be able to tell the characters apart without a thought, which is a big point in dialogue, each character having their own way of speaking. The things they say are real as well, and fitting to their personas. There isn't always a perfect comeback, or a cool, sophisticated character suddenly bursting into screeching. Well, Akito has at a point or two, but he's positively batty, so that follows his character.
As far as the pacing and plot goes, it's great. Not extremely fast-paced, but there's not much in the way of dragging. So far each day brings a new issue, so there is no single rope of plot to move along, but you can feel it on the horizon.
So, that pretty much concludes things. Let'ssee if Furuba and Yuki can be dethroned by Ouran High School Host Club and Tamaki.
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