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The Morganville Vampires, Volume 1 by Rachel Caine
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May 26, 2011

it was amazing

Synopsis from the back cover for “Glass Houses”:

It’s a small college town filled with quirky characters. But when the sun goes down, the bad comes out. Because in Morganville, there is an evil that lurks in the darkest shadows– one that will spill out into the bright light of day.
Claire Danvers has had enough of her nightmarish dorm situation. The popular girls never let her forget just where she ranks on the school’s social scene: somewhere less than zero. And Claire really doesn’t have the right connections– to the undead who run the town.
When Claire heads off campus, the imposing old house where she finds a room may not be much better. Her new roommates don’t show many signs of life. But they’ll have Claire’s back when the town’s deepest secrets come crawling out, hungry for fresh blood…

Synopsis from the back cover for “The Dead Girls’ Dance”:

Claire Danvers has her share of challenges– like being a genius in a school that favors beauty over brains, dealing with the homicidal girls in her dorm, and above all, finding out that her college town is overrun with vampires. On the up side, she has a great roommate (who tends to disappear at sunup) and a new boyfriend named Shane… whose vampire-hunting dad has called in backup: cycle punks who like the idea of killing just about anything.
Now a fraternity is throwing its annual Dead Girls’ Dance and– surprise!– Claire and her equally outcast best friend, Eve, have been invited. When they find out why, all hell is going to break loose. Because this time both the living and the dead are coming out– and everybody’s hungry for blood.

This is Volume 1 of Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampire series. This volume includes the first 2 books of the series: Glass Houses and The Dead Girls’ Dance. Both of these books are very entertaining.

"Glass Houses" introduces us to the main character, Claire, as she settles into college, at the age of 16, in the middle of a town filled with mystery and secrets. After being nearly killed by a rival girl, Claire seeks refuge in a house across town. The owner of the house, Michael, is only around at night – disappearing during the day; Eve, is the goth poster girl; and Shane, is, well cute, in an “I’m a slacker – I don’t have a job and I play video games all day/night” kind of way. When things heat up, unbelieving at first, Claire realizes that all is not what it seems in Morganville and neither is one of the occupants of her new home.

"The Dead Girls’ Dance" title is really kind of misleading I thought. The dance itself is part of the book, not until the end, and isn’t really worth the hype from the back cover. To keep from spoiling it though, I will not discuss this part of the book in detail. The main focus of this book is the entrance of Shane’s father as a vampire-killer, vigilante-type, biker gang leader (did you get all that?) who tries to use not only Shane as leverage but also as a weapon against those that are not-so-much-on-the-living-side-of-things.

I am very impressed with the writing style of these books. The books are busy with various storylines and Ms. Caine manages to keep them flowing smoothly, intertwined sufficiently, and cohesive. Each situation so far has been solved, added to, or continued in a very understandable, plausible, I-didn’t-forget-about-this-tidbit or action-in-anyway type of format. So far there isn’t really a true hero or heroine in these books. The entire human population of the town lives in fear of the creatures that stalk them; some of them can even be out during the day. Leaving the town is possible but not advisable as the vampires can do some interesting mind tricks to you to make you forget the town—BUT—if you ever start remembering anything while outside the bounds of Morganville, they will hunt you down and destroy you.

When I finished up The Dead Girls’ Dance I couldn’t wait for Volume 2 but; alas, it was already checked out at the local library so I had to wait. I recommend having Vol. 2 available so you can easily transition to it instead of having to wait, like I did.

According to the author’s website, these books are suitable for Young Adults ages 13 and up, but be warned that there is mild swearing.

Welcome to Morganville, Texas but make sure you don’t stay out after dark!

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