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The Ridge by Michael Koryta
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May 26, 2011

it was amazing

I enjoy lighthouses, my wife even more than I. We like to visit them whenever and wherever we are. The one in this story though, no thanks we will pass on it. I am a big fan of Michael Koryta and his writing. Revisiting his detective series is something I am holding out for though, each time there is more news from his camp, I am hopeful. Okay it’s a Friday, we have a pretty hot blogtalk show to do in a little bit, let’s get to the action and then chat a little on what is between the covers:
“On an isolated ridge in the Kentucky woods stands a homemade lighthouse, hundreds of miles from any substantial body of water. Local reporter Roy Darmus has always found it an amusing oddity- until he is selected as the recipient of a suicide note from its builder. Roy enters the bizarre structure to find the walls covered in maps bearing the names of the dead--including his own parents, who were killed in a car accident when he was a boy. Roy soon has a storytelling assignment more daunting than anything he's seen before: convincing people that an age-old legend has in fact come to life. With haunting atmosphere and tension-coiled plot, The Ridge is a terrifying journey into the heart of darkness.”
Tension, incredible prose, and a gift for ratcheting up the action and the stakes is this author’s hallmark. I can feel comfortable knowing that no matter what the subject matter or genre Michael Koryta is going to take me on a rollercoaster ride of emotion till he is satisfied he has played with my mind enough. I like it, I am hungry for more.
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message 1: by Chris (new) - added it

Chris I'm enjoying "Cypress House" thus far. Looking forward to more of his novels. Hope you enjoy "The Ridge"

Giovanni Gelati I am sure I will! I really enjoy his style and substance, but am still waiting for him to get back to his detective characters. I can't get enough of that action.

message 3: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Valentine Gionanni, if you like stories in lighthouses I recommend Isle Royale -- good story and great lighthouse.

Giovanni Gelati Thanks.Does it involve death and mayhem?

message 5: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Valentine It's YA appropriate so there is some death but not mayhem.

Giovanni Gelati Okay thanks.

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