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Kicked by Celia Aaron
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it was amazing

“Football is a great deal like life in that it teaches that work, sacrifice, perseverance, competitive drive, selflessness and respect for authority is the price that each and every one of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” ~Vince Lombardi

I confess: My favorite sport is FOOTBALL! I love the fast-pace and fierce completion. I love the game. I LOVE FOOTBALL! Plus, I can watch those hot guys in tight pants with massive muscles scrambling over the ball all day long. There is nothing like the thrill of football to get my heart racing and my blood pumping with adrenaline. You’ll find me in front of the TV or occasionally at the game during NFL season where I am so engaged that I should be a sideline commentator. I live and breathe this sport like it’s my religion. A sports romance like Kicked is my religion too.

"After all, is football a game or a religion?”~Howard Cosell

When I found out that the amazing Celia Aaron was writing a football book, I may have had a bookgasm or few—like the football freak I am—from the thought alone. My body tingled with excitement before I even began the book. I decided to be the Rogue Reviewer for Kicked, going blindly in because it’s fun to embrace the unknown and dive into a story sans synopsis. Oh what a surprise of a story it was! Kicked quickly catapulted me into a sports spiral of bliss where I was spinning in sweet satisfaction!

Beautiful, dark-haired, and amber-eyed Cordy has with curves that look female even through all of the football she sports. Cordy is soccer star who is now playing football for her college team, the Billingsley Bobcats, because she needs the scholarship money.

"I needed the money; the school needed a female who could kick. That was how I wound up on a football field with the crowd cheering, the Gatorade flowing, and the testosterone reigning.”

The kicker for the team, she is the lone lamb in a pack of wolves. Cordy handles her own though, turning she-wolf when the wolves act like wieners.

"Soccer was my sport, but football was in my blood.”

I LOVE how Kicked features a strong FEMALE FOOTBALL STAR. How refreshing and reverse-roled is that?!? It’s AMAZING…that’s what it is!

Not only did soccer star, Cordy, have to switch gears and drop her beloved soccer for football, she is forced to play with the one boy who broke her heart two years ago. More a boy back then, Trent is now ALL MAN and the quarterback who not only holds on to a football but a piece of Cordy’s heart. Tall and muscular with the perfect ‘V’ with dark hair, and green eyes, Trent is panty-melting hot. Add tight football pants to the mix and Trent is sex-on-a-stick-or-football-goalie HOT.

"I hated Trent, but I was also starved for him. How could I still crave him after all this time?”

My body is warming too. Trent may be a big guy but he has a big heart.

For Trent, Cordy is a distraction on the field and off. She is sweet, sexy and sassy, and shares Trent’s love for the game. Though he would love to show Cordy his game in the bedroom and claim her as his.

"Her full lips were made for kissing. I’d only ever gotten a taste of them in one stolen moment two years ago, but I wanted more.”

Holy HOT! Trent is sweet and sensual. Pure perfection.

Cordy has to step up her kicking game as she has moved from the bench to the field. What better person to give her pointers than the quarterback, the kicker’s right-hand man?!? Cordy vows to focus on the game and not on Trent’s tantalizing and tender talk or his blazing-hot body.

"I couldn’t go down the path that I already knew would end in disappointment.”

Cordy has been on Trent’s mind since he broke her heart and he is ready to stake his claim.

"For the millionth time, I cursed myself for ruining things with her two years ago. But I could fix it.”

Lines and blurred. Friends hover into lovers’ territory. The football game and season are on the line while two hearts are as well.

Entrancing and exhilarating, Kicked packs heat and heart into a touchdown of a tender tale. Playful. Passionate. Powerful. Kicked is the perfect second-chance romance for the sports junkie. I was in the stands cheering for the Billingsley Bobcats, I was in the locker room listening to the team pep talks, and I was on the field chasing the ball with the players as my emotions were thoroughly Kicked. I was in this game ALL THE WAY.

This fierce and flirty football romance that oozes spice and sweetness hits meaningful messages. One being a phenomenal role for females in that they are strong athletes who can play any sport that men can. Perseverance also filters through this football romance where, like in the game of football, you fall down but brush yourself off and get right back in the game.

"It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”~Vince Lombardi

Kicked is action-packed and achingly-addictive like football where I was embedded in this book all the way. I could not help but cheer for love to win the game. This raw and rousing romance is fresh, flirty, and fabulous and I was glued to this sensational sports story like my favorite team playing football. I loved getting Kicked and left needing more.

5 terrific ‘touchdown’ stars
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