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May 25, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: apocalypse-dystopian, ya, zombies, expected-more, for-reading-challenges, paranormal, worst-main-character, won-t-finish-series
Read from August 31, 2011 to January 11, 2012

[Edited on 1/16/2012: For an idea how the news might cover the beginnings of a zombie outbreak Check out these awesome graphics, which are just a few from this amazing project Vidzilla posted on reddit (starting Jan. 1, 2012: Day 1).]

The problem with this book, is that it took far too long to get into anything really interesting. Until I got more than halfway through this book I had to deal with characters who are just too witty and have a quip for everything. Also, ALL of the journalists have this sort of demeanor. So while Rick is slightly different from Georgie and Shaun, and Buffy is different from them all, they all have the same sense of humor and respond the same way in situations with annoying and sarcastic comments or a witty rejoinder.

Also, I didn't care for Georgia's first person POV (view spoiler).

The so-called conspiracy was only sort of interesting. It wasn't a shocker and it wasn't nearly as big as I kind of expected it to be, so overall that was a letdown after the build up for it.

Lastly, and this is just my own annoyance since I am a journalist, at the beginning of the book Georgia says that bloggers became respected during the outbreak because no traditional news media sources wanted to cover it. Really? There's a ZOMBIE OUTBREAK and NO media outlets want to cover it? CNN would be running constant footage from peoples' cell phones. Fox would be speculating on how it was the left's fault. Anderson Cooper would be out in the field. These are 24/7 news channels. OF COURSE they're going to cover this! I just ... it made absolutely no sense. I can understand how she could have argued that traditional media broke down in the face of the outbreak and subsequent years because travel was more difficult, there were quarantine zones, etc, and that led to the rise of blogging as the main form of reporting, but not that the traditional outlets just IGNORED it.

Overall, I don't think I'll be continuing this series. Which is unfortunate, because there are only so many good zombie novels out there. This is not one of them. It's not because the zombies made limited appearances, I didn't care about that, it's that the rest of the story wasn't interesting enough to make up for the lack of zombies.

Oh, and this has no bearing on how I felt about the book, but exactly where was After the End Times getting its revenue from? How were they paying the dozens of people who ran the site and wrote for it? I'm not sure how many people they employed (say 20 admins, tech people and writers?) or how much they paid ($20,000 a year?) but overall that's still a lot of money that the site has to make ($400,000 just to pay salaries, plus overhead (the vans, computer equipment, server space, etc.) and they need to be making let's ballpark $600,000 to break even a year. I'm sure the site rankings play into it somehow, but where is the money coming from? Who is supplying it?

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31.0% "Every time the story starts to move there's a giant info dump that slows it all down and diminishes my will to keep reading."
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62.0% "I just got really interested in this story. Too bad it took more than 300 pages."
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