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Night Games by R.L. Stine
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May 24, 2011

did not like it
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Read on April 12, 2012 — I own a copy

Normally I love every single Fear Street book, no matter how corny or ridiculous they turn out to be. I'll read each book in this series because there's always something I like about each one. Either there's a really good ending or there's a totally weird/lame twist but the buildup is creepy and amazing. Sadly, 'Night Games' didn't have either one for me. The idea itself sounded pretty good, but it was a little misleading to me. I like how morbid these books are with people dying left and right and was excited by a prank gone wrong that results in murder. The Night Games sounded fun I guess, but I thought it was a little immature. I actually got kind of bored and found myself wanting to skip over parts and get to the part where the murder happens. I was kind of angry that I had to read a bunch of lame running around and it wasn't until the last 30 pages or so when someone got knocked off. Even then, it was anti-climatic after all that built up suspense.

The characters were alright I suppose. This wouldn't usually be that big of a problem because, to be honest, character development isn't R.L. Stine's strength. You don't read Fear Street books for self-discovery and overcoming tragedy. You read Fear Street books to scare you out of your wits and freak you out. That's why it sucked for me. I didn't like the characters really and there wasn't much creep factor to me. I liked the girl characters, Diane and Cassie. Jordan was alright, but holy crap, what was this Lenny guy's issue?!! The guy has anger problems galore and I was actually surprised that (view spoiler). Regardless of who offed who, both Lenny and Spencer come off practically as serial killer's in training. Having obsessively watched crime shows on ID, I found myself seeing all the warning signs of psycho behavior. Spencer especially came off as a freak in the flashbacks and I thought he was two steps away from torturing small animals. His whole thing with Diane was weird and I thought it was hilarious how he didn't expect to (view spoiler). I felt bad for him on some points, but in that situation, he kind of deserved what he got.

The where do I start? My thoughts can pretty much be summed up by three words (view spoiler). I've read some fairly ridiculous endings in these Fear Street books and this is without a doubt one of the worst ones as of yet. I seriously just started cracking up at like 3 in the morning as I read it. The twist was kind of predictible and I knew what happened like halfway in, but it wasn't terrible. I will say though that I loved the last four paragraphs and the final twist. That part alone kind of redeemed the rest of the book for me.

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