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Bitter End by Jennifer Brown
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May 24, 2011

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I decided to read this book because I've read a blog post of Ms. Alex Flinn (read it here) and she was quite PO'd by an article of the New York Times mentioning this book alongside Deb Calleti's Stay as **"problem" novels which are too dark for teens to read.

While I haven't read Bitter End yet, I've read some books falling into the so-called "problem" novel category and the first thing that I thought was, "Teens are not dumb."

And I'd like to share this comment from the New York Times article coming from a teenager:

Let us remember that Anne of Green Gables is not all peaches and roses either - Anne was an abandoned child, shuffled from home to home, unloved and overworked by the many people who tended for her before her adoption by Marilla, who herself wasn't particularly warm or outwardly affectionate toward her (until much later). As a child, I remember being shocked and saddened that another little girl could have grown up as Anne did, before her life at Green Gables. But it’s not like it scarred me for life or anything. Ditto stories of drugs and violence that I read as a teen. If anything, it gave me a deeper understanding of humanity and of the world as it truly is. And isn’t that the purpose of books in the first place?

See? Teens think and use their brain cells.

I'm so gonna hit the bookstore tomorrow. Hmmp.

**not meant as a disparaging word. Or a pejorative. TY Flinn for introducing me to that word. You rock.
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