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Love in an Elevator by Aven Ellis
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This collection of romantic comedies is a fun, refreshing way to look at all the different ways an elevator can lead to hilarity and play a part in romantic relationships! I received a copy of this collection for free in exchange for an honest review.

Hold The Lift – Aven Ellis
I’m a huge Aven Ellis fan and this story was a prime example of why. Sexy British hockey player Jude Parker ends up stuck in the elevator in his building with Sierra Crawford, who is the assistant editor of a food magazine. The two hit it off immediately and even when circumstances keep them apart, they find ways to connect through social media. Of course connecting while miles and miles apart is never as easy as you think. Will a snafu with social media end this relationship before it begins? I loved the characters and Aven always does a fantastic job of making her stories fun, sexy and fabulous!

Down Then Up – Beth Labonte
This is my first Beth Labonte read, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Lauren Oswald is in Las Vegas for her sister’s bachelorette party and while she knows her college love, and likely the love of her life, Jamie, is there for the groom’s bachelor party she’s doing all she can to avoid him because of how they parted ways ten years before. When a chance encounter in the elevator brings the two of them together, sparks fly once again. Can these two reconnect and resurrect their love?

Going Up – Whitney Dineen
Fiona Kitchen is trying to make a new start in New York City by opening a branch of her massage business there. The problem is she’s got to build her client base and that’s easier said than done. When she lucks into a job as an elevator operator in a Central Park West apartment building she not only comes into contact with a mob boss, but also a hot as sin handyman that catches her attention. When all of the people she meets end up being more interconnected than she could have imagined, she finds different parts of her life being tied together. This was my introduction to this author and I’d definitely check out more!

Taking A Chance – Becky Monson
Liza Parker is a girl who has a host of phobias. Heights, crowds and small spaces headline them and while she is trying to overcome them to fulfill a promise to someone very important to her, she encounters a tourist who not only helps her to take the steps necessary to fulfill the promise, he also helps her take the chance that her sister once told her she needed to take. This was an entertaining short story that showed that sometimes doing the things that scare you the most can be the most rewarding!

Happy to be Stuck with You – Rich Amooi
On his last day at the office, Daniel is just trying to get to his going away party, but an elderly client has stopped in his office and even though he’s trying to pawn him off on Becca, the woman who will be taking over the account, the man won’t take the hint. When he’s finally able to break away from the man, he and Becca end up stuck with him in the elevator. There are two problems, one, Becca is claustrophobic and two, she’s had a crush on Daniel for years, but has always thought he was gay. Hilarity ensues as Becca realizes that she’s been wrong all along and Daniel is not gay by a long shot! Sparks fly and these two finally seem to be on the same page! Cute story!

Upstairs, Downstairs…and the Life in Between – Geralyn Corcillo
When Maisy Potter heads across the pond to take the vacation of a lifetime, she ends up falling for more than the English countryside. She meets Mark Prebys, who is basically the jack of all trades at Drakenfall, the manner she chooses to stay at, and she is immediately attracted to him. With work issues at home and having planned this vacation for five years, all she wants to do is enjoy it. Will she be able to do so or will not only issues at home, but a secret that Mark is keeping derail her happiness even more? This was a good story and I enjoyed it.

The Only Way is Up – Lindy Dale
Bailey Burns is an author whose recent book has exploded and caused her to be a household name. She’s just released a new book and is on a book tour to promote it when her publicist comes down with a horrible case of food poisoning. Knowing she needs someone from the PR firm there, the head of the firm, Callum, goes to meet up with her. After an encounter in the elevator that morning, Bailey is already flustered when she meets Callum for the first time. Or what she thinks is the first time. She is stunned to learn who he really is. When put in a difficult position at a book signing, he steps up and says they are in a relationship. While Bailey doesn’t respond well to that at first, will she change her mind? A quick paced, fun short story.

Out of Order – Dee Ernst
Grace is a writer who has never allowed herself to be published. When she goes to dog-sit for her Aunt and Godmother, she meets the building manager, Seth, who also happens to be an author himself. When the elevator goes out and Grace figures out that her Aunt’s eighty pound dog, Monty, won’t go up or down the stairs, she has to figure out how to get him out of the building to do his business since the apartment is on the third floor. Enter Seth, who helps out by taking them up and down the freight elevator and then decides to start going on walks with them. A relationship slowly builds as they both discover the other writes. A great way to finish off this anthology!

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