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To Conquer a Highlander by Mary Wine
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May 23, 2011

really liked it
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Book Synopsis

"A fierce Highland laird ready to kill for king and country..."

When Torin McLeren discovers his neighbor's plot against his king, he takes their daughter as his prisoner, thereby stopping her father's plot from going forward. But that leaves him with a woman under his roof whom he can't ignore, and not just because she's his enemy's daughter...

"A woman who's as much trouble as she is temptation..."

Shannon McBoyd decides to use her captor to experience passion for the first time, and then to destroy him. But her plan goes awry because once she has lured Torin into her bed, she no longer wants to hurt the one man who seems to value and understand her...

Even if her father will kill him-and her-when he discovers what they've done...

My Thoughts

Enjoyable in every way is this sexy tale of the Highland laird Torin Mc Leren and the Lowland lass Shannon Mc Boyd that is stolen away to his home to prevent her marriage to a rival that would cement her fathers plans to destroy his clan and take over their holdings.

There is always room for a good Highlander Romance story, being the week of Valentine I decided to read one a day if possible to allow me to take a trip to my favorite part of the world the Scottish Highlands.

I was very happy to find that my memory was correct that I had the first two in author
Mary Wine's
Highlander series. This first book To Conquer a Highlander was loaded on my Kindle when it came out free from Amazon some time ago and not sure why waited so long to read it!

Fiery battles of will between Torin and Shannon lead to lots of lusty engagements between the sheets, this is not just a sexy story but it is sweetly romantic as well. Torin is probably on a par with his way with words as the best courtier ever found and to be sure he can charm Shannon in a fast hearbeat!

Not only is this a fast read but it is a fun read for me as even while you know what is coming it still entertains as we watch the tale unfold.

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