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Secret Obsession by Kimberla Lawson Roby
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May 23, 2011

really liked it
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All of her life Paige Donahue has been treated like an outcast while her sister, Camille, got plenty of love, affection and material things from their parents. Well, no more!! Paige is planning to take what she feels she deserves and she doesn't care who she hurts.

Paige: This woman was living in her head; in a dream world so far away from reality. She was very good at lying and she believed her own lies. She was vindictive, manipulative and had no problem `playin' with other peoples emotions'. And the lengths she went to so she could steal her sister's husband shocked and disappointed me. I wanted to think she was just plain evil at first, but `a bit touched' is how I describe her. At times it seemed like she had a bit of a conscience, but not enough to stop what she was doing. As I read, I kept thinking that her parents' neglect did some serious psychological damage. I questioned why she was attacking her sister instead of trying to get back at her mother - the one who made her childhood miserable. The answer is animosity and her mother caused it.

Camille: She seemed to have completely different memories than Paige when it came to their childhood. She loved and trusted her sister, but still, I was amazed at how naïve she was. There are some things she really should have figured out on her own. How her sister could plant seeds of doubt so easily, I could not understand.

Pierce: He claimed to love his wife so much, but he was quick to believe the worst. I couldn't understand that either.

Maxine Donahue (Paige's mother): Favoring one child over another can cause animosity. It was obvious she never thought about that... but if she did, she didn't care. I had to wonder what was really going on with this woman. Why did she treat her daughter so badly ever since she was born? Even before she called Paige that name (no child should hear those words from a parent), I knew there were serious issues there. When a hidden truth came to light, my first thought was that Maxine could have made a different choice in the past, and then Paige may have been spared all of the unnecessary pain she suffered.

I'm thinking this is a Christian novel since Roby usually writes Christian Fiction, but it didn't really read like one until I got to the end. I don't know who Paige thought she was praying to during most of the story, but the God I know would not answer such prayers. But then again, she was in her little fantasy world for a good while.

I have read Kimberla Lawson Roby's work before; she writes well and has never failed to entertain. However, there was a scene in this novel that should have been more intense, considering what was taking place. It's not that I had a difficult time visualizing, but something was missing. The incident should have made me cringe or flinch and feel for Paige even though she brought it on herself. Despite my feelings about one of thirty-two chapters (there's also a Prologue and Epilogue), Secret Obsession is a good read. There are lessons to be learned and I appreciated how short most of the chapters were. I read this book in one sitting.

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message 4: by Blue (new) - added it

Blue Katrina, good review. I hope to get a copy of it.

Katrina Burchett I believe Secret Obsession is only $9.99 on Amazon right now, Hattie. That's a great price for a hardcover:)

message 2: by Blue (new) - added it

Blue I know. I can't buy any more books for now. I'm plum out of money. Ten dollars sounds like a million dollars to me at the moment. Hope you understand.

Katrina Burchett I sure do. I've had to cut down on the book buying myself. Have a blessed day:)

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